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Wavelengths: Have Syncolima Topped Where the End Meets the Beginning?

Syncolima have been around a few years now, putting out their debut album in 2021 to much acclaim. Now, the band are back with their followup, Wavelengths, which is set for release in April. How does it measure up to their debut? Find out below!

‘Beautifully Unsaid’ opens the album strongly with not one, but two powerful riffs. It’s sludgy, heavy and awesome. The vocals fit in well over the top of the riffing, especially with the interesting effect and mixing on them. It’s got some reverb to it and honestly sounds further back in the mix than most vocals too. It was a nice touch, making it sound more of an instrument, part of the band instead of the focal point. Having said that, it still builds to a huge, pretty catchy chorus.

We get an awesome little solo bass bit from Stoff to introduce yet another sick riff after the second chorus. We also get an awesome, if brief, lead guitar solo. It sounds awesome and it’s so refreshing to hear a band not add a second guitar when there is only one guitarist, it just being the lead line and bass. Very Pantera of them. Then a final chorus takes us home in style, the first track being awesome!

The following track is titled perfectly. ‘Riff’ is so incredibly stacked with awesome playing from the guitars from start to finish. I also loved it dropping down through the spoken-word verses. It felt Suicidal Tendencies in the best possible way. Also, another fantastic chorus is tucked between the spoken word and riffs, a punky, catchy slab of arena-filling singalong. The lyrics, while silly, got some laughs out of me as well as being rather apt and true to most metalheads, including myself. Everything about this was awesome, especially packed into just over three minutes in length. Easily playlisted!

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‘Communicide’ opens on a slightly more grungy riff, sounding like something Soundgarden would come out with. Especially when it drops back down for the verses, Stoff working overtime again on the bass and sounding great behind the awesome vocals. It stays steady and plodding through the choruses, too, but the harmonies made it sound massive. We end up heading into a pretty jazzy breakdown after the second chorus, Stoff again being a highlight on the bass, but the lead guitar work over the top is also incredible. Said section was the highlight of the track, clearly showing off the band’s versatility. However, overall it was another great song!

The heaviness returns with ‘New Beginnings’, as does a healthy dose of anger. It’s a breakup song, be that for a relationship or friendship, and definitely feels darker than the other tracks so far. While having a similar structure and writing style to the others, it feels completely different which was a really nice touch, keeping the album fresh.

The album’s title track is a slower track, the closest thing to a ballad on the album. The main riff is awesome. It all gave me Pantera’s ‘Cemetery Gates’ vibes, both in the structure and the guitar tones. The chorus is another catchy one too, maybe my favourite on the album due to the attitude and delivery of the vocals. Also, the heavy outro is sick. Another easily playlisted track!

‘Death of an Enemy’ again picks the pace back up, being pretty similar to the opening couple of tracks. That, ‘Dead and Gone’, ‘The Dregs’ and even epic closer ‘Pound of Flesh’ all channel a similar sound and energy. All were fantastic tracks, but didn’t offer anything new in terms of sound so, therefore, I’d struggle to write about them without repeating myself!

‘Down in the Muck Again’ is another favourite track on the album for me, however. It’s more of a straight-up stomping rock track than the rest of the album, having a faster pace and less time to breathe. Also, the outro is frankly insane; balls-to-the-wall and a lot of fun. It’s definitely a standout track and makes the playlist!

Overall: I loved this. I’ve always been a fan of the sludgier, stoner side of metal and this did it just as good as the greats of the genres. The band are all insanely talented players and have stepped up their game massively from a songwriting standpoint. They’re definitely ones to watch this year with this new album, it’s going to take them far!

The Score: 8/10