Almost Honest: ‘We blend all of the things that we like together. We didn’t want to just stick to genres tropes!’

Fuzzy doomy newcomers Almost Honest are set to release their debut album, The Hex of Penns Wood, next week. We’ve had the chance to chat to Shayne from the band about it, as well as their sound and future plans. Check it out below!

How did the band come together?

We formed in freshman year of High School although we had all been playing music prior to this.

How would you describe your sound?

Groovy Sexy Viking Funk Doom Rock. We blend all of the things that we like together. We didn’t want to just stick to genres tropes. 

What’s the writing process like for you guys?

We do not have a set way for writing but most of the time it starts with myself (Shayne) bringing a riff or a full song idea. Then the rest come together and figure out what works, what’s the best part for each section, and if something needs to be cut or added. Usually the lyrics are written separately from the songs. The lyrics will then be chosen based on the feel of the song and if it fits. 

Check out more doom here!

In terms of the album, does it tell a story through it?

It is individual ideas per track however it has an overall theme of Pennsylvania Dutch Folklore and Culture. 

What’s it like getting to work with the legend that is Gene Freeman, even from a mastering perspective?

That was huge for us given his wealth of knowledge. Our producer had a contact and he reached out to him and he said yes. We only communicated via email but even just that we learned a lot. Hopefully in the future we can do something more together but I am very happy working with Dynamo Audio. Gary did a fantastic job on this record. 

How did the collaboration with Brandon Yeagley come about?

It was actually just as simple as me reaching out. I never expected a response let alone to work very closely with him. I was a fan of Crobot when I first saw them live in 2014. They showed me what a live show could and should be like. He was extremely nice. 

Do you have a busy start of next year planned once the album is out?

We do! No shows are officially announced yet but we will have an album release show soon. Then we hit the ground running with touring in March and April. 

Do you have a dream tour lineup you’d like to be a part of? Weather it’s supporting a huge band or playing with your mates. 

This is one of the toughest questions I have ever had to answer haha. It honestly depends on mood and what fits. I am going to give you two answers. One including our band and another just for my enjoyment. Dream tour with Almost Honest included would be Mutoid Man, Crobot and Red Fang. I think we would fit in well and that would be extremely fun. Now a tour that I would love to see would be Clutch, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Truckfighters and Man Man. I could pick a thousand more bands.