The Top 50 Albums of 2022 – Part 4

20: Stray From the Path – Euthanasia

Like Fever 333 on angrier drugs, this album is a fantastic protest from start to finish. A modern day Rage Against the Machine but with a metalcore/hardcore edge, I really loved this album, and have barely stopped listening to half of it since it was released. These guys are young, hungry and putting out a fantastic into the world, as well as playing insanely good music to accompany it. We gave it a 9/10 in our review and it’s just as good these months later. It’s packed full of great tracks, and I can see them being a massive deal in the future! Check this out if you are into heavier stuff or either if the hands mentioned above.

Listen to: Bed of Roses, III, Needful Things.

19: Northlane – Obsidian

Max: So Northlane is a band that I absolutely love and the best part of this album was the fun and the change of genres in to this almost nu-metal group with songs like Carbonized. Overall this album is just fun and there not much more that I can say. Joe gave it a very cruel 3/10 so we have compromised and bumped it up to an 8/10!

Listen to: Carbonized, Clockwork, Is This a Test?.

18: Lacrimas Profundere – How to Shroud Yourself With Night

A band that I discovered mainly by doing our reaction videos this year, I have become a little bit obsessed since! Melodic, gothic deathcore is a fantastic, rather mysterious genre for me, and this was an amazing introduction to it.

Of course Julien’s insane vocal range and prowess are the highlight, but the instrumentation behind it is also so good. Every track on this album begs to be listened to over and over and there isn’t a dud in sight. The singles are of course a massive highlight, but every album track is just as good too. We gave it 9/10 and I stand by it. It’s an amazing album and hopefully it’s the one to finally push the band into the mainstream in the West.

Listen to: A Cloak Woven of Stars, In a Lengthening Shadow, An Invisible Beginning.

17: Muse – Will of the People

This album has grown on me so much since its release. At first, after they’d put out the one, fantastic heavy single in ‘Won’t Stand Down’ I was buzzing, but the following two singles being lighter did put a bit of a dampener on it. I do like slower stuff, but I LOVE when Muse get heavy, and always feel like we’ve had enough pop music from them now. However, unlike some of their previous lighter stuff, this was so infectiously catchy and well written that I can’t not love even the weirdest of tracks from this album. Of course, the heavier tracks are great, but ‘Compliance’ and the title track are so damn catchy that I’ve grown to love it and they are massive highlights of the album. And their Halloween track is the best song Muse have put out since their Blackholes album, in my opinion.

We gave it 8.5/10 and I fully stand by that. Even if it doesn’t get bumped up any higher, this is still an amazing album and one you should all check out right now!

Listen to: You Make me Feel Like It’s Halloween, Killer Be Killed, Compliance.

16: Fit for a King – The Hell We Create

More metalcore, and this album had no right to be this good. This was the best straight metalcore album this year, and honestly one of my favourite outputs in the genre in years. It’s aggressive, heavy and hugely melodic, and pushes the sub-genre forward into a new sound almost as much as Sempiternal did back in the day.

I honestly can’t praise this album enough (as you can tell by our review). It not only made me go back and listen to their old stuff, but also listen to the early albums in the sub-genre. It rekindled a love for metalcore I didn’t know I’d let dwindle. The 9/10 we gave it is incredibly justified. For anyone who’s a fan of the genre or heavy music as a whole, thus us a must.

Listen to: Reaper, Sink Below, The Hell We Create.

15: Whiskey Myers – Tornillo

Some more country, and this time from the swaggering titans Whiskey Myers. After discovering them a few years ago at Download they have quickly become one of my favourite bands, at least from a streaming stats standpoint.

Now, I do have to admit, this wasn’t quite as good as their self-titled fifth album in 2019. But if anything that is even more a testament to how good this album is, that an album that isn’t their best is still this high. And it’s still a phenomenal album, jam packed with blues/country rock tracks from start to finish. This band are really at the very top of a very packed genre at the minute, and with albums like this they deserve to be. How they’re not at the top of the country genre as a whole already is beyond me, they deserve to be massive.

9/10 was very justified for this album, as I haven’t stopped listening to certain tracks since it’s release. I loved it.

Listen to: Feet’s, John Wayne, The Wolf.

14: Machine Head – OF KINGDOM AND CROWN

What a fantastic return to form this was. I’m a MASSIVE Machine (fuckin’) Head fan, with Through Ashes of Empires to Bloodstone and Diamonds being one of my favourite runs of albums from any band ever. However, I had not been a fan of anything the band had put out after that album… until now!

The album’s opener, ‘SLAUGHTER THE MARTYR’, is the perfect example why I love this album. It’s a 10+ minute epic with a slow, Tool-esque building intro followed by the crushing, perfect heaviness the band are typically known for. It’s epic, emotional and amazing, and it’s a perfect allegory for the rest of the album.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the only or latest album on this list to not be perfect, but there is some really amazing metal in here, and reminds me of my teen years growing up with their best work. Machine Head are back with a vengence, and put out one of the best metal albums of 2022. 9/10 was fully deserved in our review.

13: The Interrupters – In The Wild

A band at the forefront of the 4th wave of ska music, The Interrupters keep going from strength to strength with each release. While I will be the first to admit this album is long and a little bloated, this is by far the most confident I have heard the band. This is a band that are writing the music they want to write, be it slower or faster, longer or shorter, and I’m fully here for it. I’m really hoping this continues to build the genre like it so sorely deserves and inspires more kids to play ska-punk. But even if not, this is a solid album that I’ve had on a lot this year.

Oh, and I’m sticking wit my 9/10 again from our review!

Listen to: Raised by Wolves, As We Live, Love Never Dies.

12: FES – With Regards from Home

A band that I only discovered last year through Overtone, but have been a little obsessed with ever since. I’ve been listening to this album for months and still cannot get over the sheer talent on display by the three of them. Their unique blend of pop rock drew me in right from the start, blending together old-school Paramore with a more math rock leaning. If you’re into the lighter stuff this one is definitely one for you, and I haven’t gotten enough of it since its release back in April. We gave it a 9/10 in our review and I stand by that today too!

Listen to: Clarinet, Sun Visor, Trial and Error.

11: Billy Talent – Crisis of Faith

Another band that are incapable of doing a bad album. I’ve been a fan of them for over a decade at this point and they are yet to disappoint. And they are one of the rare bands that can evolve their sound while still maintaining their same sound and style. The band’s sixth album picks up right where Afraid of Heights left off, and did so with all the same talent, swagger and amazing songwriting. If you’re a fan of their earlier work, or punk in general, you’ll love this. It was six long years, but well worth the wait. It definitely deserves the 9/10 we gave it!

Listen to: Reckless Paradise, Judged, Hanging Out with All the Wrong People.