New Music Mondays: Bowling For Soup, Dorothy and More!

After Shinedown also delayed their album thanks to vinyl printing issues, I officially give up saying what is coming out the week later. However, even with that loss, we still have nine great bands who have released new music last week. Check them out below!

Bowling for Soup: Pop Drunk Snot Bread

Everyone’s favourite pop-punk band are back with their follow-up to their 2016 album, Drunk Dynasty. In that time they have suffered their only major line-up change, with long-time friend and tech of the band Rob Felicetti now on full time bas duties. It hasn’t effected the band’s sound or song-writing too much though, as this new music proves!

A lot of people seem to drop off around the time of Great Burrito Extortion Case which is a real shame as the subsequent two albums are up there with their early ones for me. Their last couple weren’t quite as strong, but Pop Drunk feels like the band have gained back some of their confidence and energy again. Whether it’s the fantastic singles ‘I Wanna Be Brad Pitt’ and ‘Getting Old Sucks’ or hilarious, catchy album tracks like ‘The Letter 3’, there’s a lot to love about this album. Even the slower, more emotional ballad ‘The Best we Can’ is great. The only real dud is ‘Alexa Bliss’. I get what they were going for, the attitude and heaviness of a wrestling entrance song for the riff, but it didn’t fit with the rest of the track, or with Jaret’s voice. Still, the strongest album the band have done in a decade and one that should keep them right at the top of the pop-punk world. 8/10

Dorothy: Gifts From the Holy Ghost

The queen of US pop-rock returns with her first album in over four years. As usual her blend of blues-rock swagger and huge, stadium-filling choruses is fantastic. More than ever with this album her and the band remind me of a modern day G’n’R, just with a folky twang. ‘Rest in Peace’ is one of the best tracks I’ve heard so far this year, while tracks like the opener and ‘Made to Die’ are also awesome. But, then again, the whole album is great, there isn’t a noticeable bad track. So, fingers crossed this album finally catapults her at the top of the game, where the she belongs! 8.5/10

Northlane: Obsidian

This has always been the darker, more industrial side of metalcore that I just don’t get. It reminds me a lot of Silent Planet or Bad Omens, dark and gritty but not really what I would associate with metalcore, it lacked the riffs and angst that the likes of Killswitch and BFMV have/had. Tracks like ‘Echo Chamber’ and ‘Plenty’, the lighter ones, are okay. However when they go heavy it just sounds like a sluddgy mess of down-tuned guitars and meh vocvals, losing all personality and feeling. Also, you can hear that Spiritbox is already having on the scene, given that ‘Carbonized”s intro reminds me a lot of ‘Holy Roller’. Nothing on this album stood out to me at all and there is much better metalcore out there. 3/10

Jason Aldean: GEORGIA

A lot of this is slow emo-country. I know a lot of people like this sort of style, heck, the lead single from the album already has 12M+ on Spotify alone. However, I find it hard to get into a while album like this. It simply sounds dull, like he didn’t have fun recording it. For all the crap bands like Florida Georgia Line get for their bro-country tracks, I’d take them having a laugh and joking about tractors over this any day. Not a bad album at all, but a slow, sad, slog to listen to in one sitting. 4/10

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets: Night Gnomes

Firstly, what a name. Secondly, of course they are psych-rock. But, coming from someone who isn’t particularly a fan of the genre, they are good psych-rock. Heavier tracks like ‘Lava Lamp Pisco’ and ‘Acid Dent’ contrast well against the almost post-brit-pop sounds of ‘Dread & Butter’ and the title track. It has a heavy Kasabian vibe to it and, much like them, manages to keep you on your toes throughout the album. Not something I will listen to a lot, but I can definitely appreciate quality when I hear it! 7/10

Ocean Grove: Up in the Air Forever

I don’t know why I had in my head that these guys were pop-punk. I was wrong. This is the most 90s thing I have ever heard come out of a band started this millennium. Wiki defining them as nu-metal doesn’t give them enough credit. There are definite elements of Korn and Limp Bizkit but also some tracks reminded me of Soundgarden, Cane Hill and even Kaiser Chiefs. There is a lot to love about this album, and the blend of all the different styles is really interesting. I struggled to even pick highlights, as it was all pretty good. Check this out! 7.5/10

Stone Broken: REVELATION

The Walsall band have been around for a while now (I should know, I played with them back in the day) but really broke big a few years ago when they hit the states. People have finally started to realise the band sound a fair bit like Nickelback but for the most part the band have gotten ahead of the curve as most of this album doesn’t have that same sound. I have to admit, I think I prefer their older sound. I can’t believe I’m complaining about a band getting heavier, but this reminds me more of Skillet than anything else, and there is enough ‘butt-rock’ in the world still right now (as much as I also love that genre and band).

‘Stronger’ is the best track on the album and it’s more Nicklelback than Nickelback these days. ‘Me Without You’ is also a great ballad. But the opening few tracks, while good in their own right, just don’t do much for me. I’m struggling a lot on what to score this as I know it’ll grow on me more and more throughout the year… 6.5/107/10? You pick!

Bob Vylan: Bob Vylan Presents the Price of Life

I’m going to struggle with this one. Do I ‘get’ it? I have no idea, honestly. It’s drum and bass/house music with some guitars included. Primordial have gone nuts over it so I guess it’s rock music? The music itself is fine, tolerable albeit basic. I’m on the fence with the lyrics. Some of it is very well founded, anti-establishment and some good feeling behind it. But then there’s Spongebob references and some pretty bad rhymes. Tracks like ‘Pretty Songs’ and ‘He Sold Guns’ are the best of a confusing album. I just don’t think I like the modern style of ‘rapping’, it doesn’t have the same effect on me that Eminem or NWA had. I really hope it grows on me, much like The Skints did, but right now this isn’t good to me. 3.5/10

Extinction In Progress: Shades of Pale

You know the drill. I reviewed the album just before its release. Check it out from our social media, the review tab or the link here.

And that’s all folks! Check out more of these from our site here. And tune in next week for more awesome music!