New Music Mondays - Billy Talent, Comeback Kid and more

New Music Mondays: Billy Talent, Comeback Kid and More!

Another week, another round-up of the album releases and me giving you my opinion on them. A real mixed bag this week. A lot of punk, a splash of metal and even some country wiggling its way in too! Check out all the new music below!

Billy Talent: Crisis of Faith

Opening your first album back in six years on a nearly 6-minute, two-part track is a ballsy move, but ‘Forgiveness I + II’ is just the tip of the awesomness iceberg (but it’s a good tip, especially with that saxophone). From there the band rip into their awesome, balls-to-the-wall lead single ‘Reckless Paradise’ and equally great ‘I Beg to Differ’. I could sit here all day and go over all ten awesome tracks on the album, but instead I’ll just say CHECK THIS OUT. I can see this being up in contender for album of the year in 11 months time, it’s that good. 9/10

Comeback Kid: Heavy Steps

The hardcore punk icons returned with their seventh studio album this last week. I know of the band but they were always a little heavy for me back in my youth. Therefore, I have no real reference point with this compared to their older stuff, bar the odd song. It sounds pretty decent though. Unfortunately like most hardcore music, it does get a little repetitive towards the end. If you like that kind of music I’m sure you’d love it, but it got a little old for me around the 2/3rds mark. 6.5/10

Yard Act: The Overload

The Leeds-based post-punk band released their debut album on Friday. I’d never even heard of them before but I have to admit, I liked what I heard. The Overload is an entertaining, funny blend of early Arctic Monkeys and Blur. It’s an entire album of ‘Parklife’, but far angrier and politically charged. It’s lyrically fantastic and the instrumentation is good enough to carry the rest of the tracks through. Highlights include ‘Dead Horse’, ‘Rich’ and ‘Land of the Blind’. 8.5/10

Dollyrots: Down the Rabbit Hole

Strap in guys, it’s a long one. An hour and twelve minutes, 24 songs and two discs. Some would argue that is far too much pop-punk. I would agree, but the second disc is all covers, and it’s massively enjoyable. That’s not to take away from the first disc, it’s also enjoyable, but none are exactly ‘Ruby Soho’ or ‘Walking On Sunshine’. A good album, but it was definitely helped along bvy some kickass punk covers. 7.5/10

Battle Beast: Circus of Doom

A band that I seem to be seeing and hearing everywehre at the minute, Battle Beast returned with their sixth album this last week. The power metal sextet once again knock it out of the park, with epic instrumentation, soaring vocals and enough heaviness to keep even the most loyal metalhead happy. Tracks like the opener and ‘Master of Illusion’ are awesome and well worth checking out no matter what your music tastes. HOw is power metal not a bigger genre by now? 8/10

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Age of Apocalypse: Grim Wisdom

Doom/thrash metal band (not the fantastic X-Men storyline that Google brings up) return with their second album, Grim Wisdom. Short, sweet and straight to the point, the album is a 27-minute schooling on modern darker metal. It’s heavy, steady and sludgy, and everyone plays their parts perfectly. Highlights include ‘Valley of the Mystic’ and ”Ghost (Hart Island)’. 7.5/10

Walker Hayes: Country Stuff The Album

It has come to my attention that a lot of rock fans, much like myself, are also country fans, especially in the UK. So we figured we’d start covering a bit of that, too!

Walker Hayes has released a very steady stream of music, this being only his third album since debuting in 2011. However each album has been pretty good, and this one is no exception. For those who don’t know he’s the one who did ‘Facny Like’, a tune, even if it’s too popular for how many better country songs there are. ‘U Gurl’ and ‘Drinking Songs’ are also ggood. 7/10

And there we have it guys, another week down. This one was a strong one, with great releases across the board from metal to rock to country, and lots of it! I would recommend you check out all of it this week, not a single dud album. Tune in next week for a big one… Jethro Tull!

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