The Top 50 Albums of 2022 – Part 5

10: Dayseeker – Dark Sun

Max: Much like the Bad Omens album, Dark Sun is a lot of fun and there wasn’t a bad thing that I could say about this album. It should be noted that there is a lot of emotion going on through the album and that is never a bad thing. In my opinion this really made the album this good in my eyes as there was so much that I was able to connect with.

Max struggled to decide on a rating for this one when doing our review so we’ve gone for the middle ground of 9.5/10!

Listen to: Without Me, Crying While You’re Dancing, Dreamstate.

9: Palisades – Reaching Hypocritical

Joe: The last and highest ranking new-nu-metal album to make the list, and it definitely deserves such the high placement. This album came out of nowhere for me. I’d heard the band name before but had never really checked them out. This blew me away. From the heavy riffs and breakdowns to the soaring, catchy vocals, this had everything I love all rolled into one. It’s been some of my most listened to music for the latter half of the year since its release. It’s a real slab of amazing metalcore/nu metal goodness. We gave it a massive 9/10 when covering it on New Music Monday, and for very good reason!

Listen to: My Consequences, Your Misery, Better.

8: Alter Bridge – Pawns & Kings

Joe: Alter Bridge were one of my favourite bands as a teenager, much like another band a little later on this list. Much like said other band, too (more on them later), their last couple of albums haven’t inspired me. The Last Hero was okay but Walk the Sky lacked anything really memorable at all. So, after pretty decent solo releases from Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti over the last year or so, I was worried about another lacklustre album.

But damn, this is an amazing album. This felt like the Alter Bridge of old, the perfect blend of Blackbird and Fortress. Myles vocals and melodies were on top form and the riffs… the riffs… they were incredible. It feels like the band were on top creative form and on the same page for the first time in a while, and it most certainly paid off. Whether it’s metal or slower, more ballad-driven rock, this album knocks it out of the park with both. I gave it a 9/10 in my review for a very good reason, and I stand by that today!

Listen to: This is War, Silver Tongue, Stay.


Max: This album has become super popular over the recent months and rightfully so because there is so much to love and enjoy here from the horrific screams in ‘Artificial Suicide’ to the beautiful cleans in ‘Just Pretend’ this album is a very easy listen and should be enjoyed by all.

This is another one that Max and Joe didn’t see eye to eye on, as you can tell by Joe’s review. However, Joe has officially agreed that he is old and that it is a pretty decent album all things considered. 9/10

Listen to: Nowhere to go, Like a Villain, THE DEATH OF PIECE OF MIND.

6: The New Roses – Sweet Poison

Joe: My favourite new band of the last few years, of course they were going to end up high on this list. I’ve raved about the band to anyone who’d listen since 2017, but that doesn’t mean this is a bias placement. It is a damn solid hard rock album, combining sleaze, classic and southern rock together perfectly.

From the foot-stomping hard rock tracks of the singles to the slower, ballady tracks like ‘All I Ever Needed’ and ‘True Love’, it has a bit of everything. There isn’t a bad track on this album, and I can attest to the fact that it translates somehow even better in a live setting, too. Tracks that I didn’t initially gravitate to, such as ‘The Lion in You’, have become some of my favourite tracks since seeing them at Winter Rocks Festival.

It’s very quickly become maybe my favourite album the band have put out, and that’s quite the task! I gave it a 9.5/10 in my review and I fully stand by that, though it may even be a 10!

Listen to: The Usual Suspects, Dead of Night, The Veins of This Town.

5: Zeal & Ardor – Self-Titled

Joe: What perfect chaos this album is. From folky, spiritual rock to straight up black metal, it has a bit of everything. And Manuel does it all masterfully. It’s hard not to praise it without mentioning individual songs, which I have done below, but I didn’t even manage to go into that much detail in my review, as it was for New Music Monday. However, every track on the album is special and, while I definitely have highlight tracks, there isn’t a bad one on it. The heavier or folkier the tracks the better, and ‘I Caught You’ is one of my favourite tracks of the entire year. It fully deserves the 9/10 score I gave it!

Listen to: Run, Bow, I Caught You.

4: Everette – Kings of the Dairy Queen Parking Lot – Side B

Joe: For a band that I only discovered in the summer ahead of The Long Road festival, they have become one of my favourite and most listened to bands of the year. A large part has been down to this new album, too. The duo have some of the best country songwriting skills I have heard in years, and work so well together. Whether it’s them having fun with an upbeat track or playing something slower and more emotional, they do it all with such style, swagger and polish that it’s hard not to love.

I have only fallen in love with the album since I reviewed it, and I cannot stop listening to it. Heck, there’s a reason half of it has ended up on my top 30 tracks on Spotify. There isn’t a dud on the album. I fully stand by my top marks of 10/10.

Listen to: Gonna be a Problem, Shunk as Drit, She Got That From Me.

3: Lorna Shore – Pain Remains

Max: So this is one of the highest albums on the list and rightfully so, the entire bands is doing so much throughout this album and it all just works. From the sheer emotion and pain to the filthy intensity and screams that the band is known for makes this an album that as soon as you find your footing in this genre you will absolutely love. There is definitely good reason as to why this band has become the face of deathcore for a lot of people. This got a 10/10 and rightfully so!

Listen to: Pain Remains I, II, and III, in that order.

2: Halestorm – Back From the Dead

Joe: Back from the dead indeed. Four years after the awesome Vicious, Lzzy Hale and Co. returned with their fifth album and frankly blew the doors off the place. This is another album that’s grown on me more with every listen, like just about all of their albums. There is a lot of fantastic stuff on her. I like that, unlike a lot of bands at this sort of time in their careers, Halestorm have only gotten heavier, and the result is almost groove metal.

I gave this 8.5/10 when I reviewed it and I very much stand by that! However, we have two scores on the review, one from myself and one from Charlotte, which averages out a massive… 9.25/10

Listen to: Back From the Dead, Wicked Ways, I Come First.

1: Shinedown – Planet Zero

Joe: I’ve had an up and down history with Shinedown. In my late teens they were my favourite band, with their debut through Amaryllis being perfect. However, Threat to Surviv felt flat to me, a hollow attempt to appeal to a wider audience, and ATTENTION ATTENTION put an even sourer taste in my mouth.

So, imagine my surprise and happiness that just a few years later, their new album is Overtone’s top of the entire year. It is fully, fully deserved, though. From the return to their rockier sound to the semi-concept style of the album and the amazing message behind it all, it really is a phenomenal album. It has all the hallmarks of the original style of the band yet still blends together the more pop-rock approach they’ve taken recently at times too. It’s up there with some of the very best they’ve ever released, and I’d argue maybe IS the best thing they’ve ever released. The band have somehow come into their own even more and are ready to take over the world.

After listening to this album a lot since its release, I’m bumping it up to a huge 9.5/10. Check out the full review here.

Listen to: America Burning, Dead Don’t Die, Hope.

And there we have it ladies and germs, our top 50 albums of 2022. Do you agree? Did we miss any? Either way, please feel free to let us know on our socials here.