NMM September 2021 3

New Music Mondays: Asking Alexandria, Ministry, Yes and More!

Last Friday hosted the release of a tonne of new and great rock releases, from metalcore to prog rock. It’s slowed down slightly from last week with only six new albums for us to be talking about, but I am excited to be talking about each of them!

Asking Alexandria: See What’s on the Inside

A band that have had a rather publicly up and down past. After exploding onto the scene a decade or so ago, the line-up changes hindered their momentum somewhat, as did the changes in the bands style rather dramatically. I have to admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of them in their early days but since the return of Danny Worsnop in 2016 they have really found their sound and style, releasing easily the best music the band have done. This album is more of that, but I have to save something for the full review, so keep an eye out!

Ministry: Moral Hygiene

Industrial metal pioneers Ministry have had one of the most consistently quality outputs of the metal world. The band have been releasing music for nearly 40 years and show no sign of slowing down after releasing now four great albums within the last decade. This one, in my opinion, is another banger, 45 minutes of great riffs, catchy vocal hooks an the usual fantastic, thought provoking lyrics. Highlights include the fantastically heavy ‘Good Trouble’ and the slower, bluesier ‘Broken System’. 7.5/10

Yes: The Quest

Yes are a band who really need no introduction. Having been around since the late 60s, released a whopping 22 studio albums up until now and were the writers of ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’, their impact on music is massive. The fact that the band are even pumping out music still to this day after over half a decade is impressive in itself, but the album is pretty damn good too! It’s VERY epic, just like most of their music, but I loved the entire hour of it. The opening tracks for both discs were particular highlights, but all of it was pretty great! 8/10

Wage War: Manic

Switching gears quite dramatically from an our of prog rock split across two discs to a concise 35 minutes of heavy, fast metalcore, it doesn’t at all mean Wage War’s latest output is any worse than The Quest. In fact, it may be even better. I really wish I had the time to review this album in full as it’s amazing, but we just have too much to do right now to do many more reviews. It’s a damn heavy, angry album, full of awesome riffs, great screams and some catchy cleaner vocal lines too. I hadn’t check out this band much before this but they have instantly gotten a new fan in me, great stuff! 8.5/10

Pond: 9

Psychedelic rock band Pond have been around for over a decade now, releasing an impressive (if obvious) nine albums in the last 12 years. It’s pretty similar to the rest of their work, from what I can hear, but it is another pretty decent album filled with great, 80s inspired sounds and hooks. Highlights include ‘Human Touch’ and ‘Rambo’. 7/10

They Fell from the Sky: Decade

Last but not least, we reach the hardest band to genre-classify on this list, given that the album contains everything from metal to punk to hard rock. I shan’t dwell on this album much as we have already done an in depth review of it, which you can find here. It’s good though, I can tell you that much, and I would highly recommend checking out the review!

And thus concludes another fantastic week in rock music. Did we miss any? Head over to our Instagram here if we did and let us know!