Bad Touch: ‘We want to keep moving to bigger and better things!’

One of the UK undergrounds most hard working and longest lasting bands, Bad Touch absolutely tore the place up at Rockin’ The Bowl festival a couple of weeks ago. After their set we got the chance to speak to them briefly about their show, their latest album and their future. Check it out below!

How was the Set? It was great from the crowd!

Stevie: It was good! Yeah it was very weird, cus its been quite some time.

Michael: It harder work now.

Stevie: It was kinda like…how does it go? What are we doing? I kept getting wound up in me singer lead, cus I was like, oh, how do I manage this? How do I do this? But yeah, it was all good.

Michael: I forgot how to plug stuff in, its been too long!

Is it the first gig back?

Stevie: No…no we don’t even have that excuse! What have we done? Three or four? Its not been many, not compared to normal.

Seeks: We’re just so used to playing all the time, but we’re now doing like one show every three or four weeks, so its weird.

Stevie: We’re not building our stamina back up if you know what I mean. You get it all for one show, then you can have three weeks off. But by the time tour comes, its gonna be… are we gonna have to do it again? But there you go, we’ll get there.

So, you guys put out an album last year wasn’t it?

Stevie: I can’t remember what year it was?!

During the pandemic?

Stevie: We’re in 2021. I think it was last year, wasn’t it?

Michael: Yeah, the beginning of last year. April? Yeah, something like that.

Seeks: We put an album out at some time.

Was it weird releasing it in lockdown?

Seeks: Yeah. Well the thing was we, it was one of those with management.

Stevie: June!

Seeks: Oh was it? It might be June.

Stevie: Cus it was the middle of, cus Corona, the whole thing happened it April, didn’t it. Any way, that’s not the important bit.

Seeks: We obviously had chats with the record company and the PR company. And it was like, we didn’t know how long it was gonna go. So it was like, do we postpone all the hard work and all the money we put into this? It was like, well we’ll go with it. And then, with hindsight makes you think, we don’t know if we should have waited or what. We though we’d still manage to tour by the end of the year, but it didn’t work…so. The was the weirdest thing. Just don’t have no idea how long it was gonna last. Even now people are still wary about what’s gonna happen still. People are scared to go out after this sort of thing.

But you put out a single recently, is that right?

Seeks: Yeah, second one we’ve done a few. Our record company have just built a new studio, so we’ve gone in and recorded a few songs, like…test the studio out, gives us some content to do. We did a few covers.

Stevie: Sort of a mutual back scratching situation. They kinda wanted to test their studio out, and we wanted to get back into kind of doing things and create some content.

Seeks: We had some fun with it, we did some different stuff. The single that came out yesterday is an Edwin Starr song, which is different.

Stevie:Old school classic.

Seeks: You know, we had fun with that, so.

Is this the start of a new album then, releasing new singles?

Seeks: No.

I’d like to be more mysterious about it, but nah. Its just to get stuff out there.

Stevie: Yeah, its been a long time. Right, and you know.

Seeks: We wanna stay current.

Stevie: Yeah, we wanna stay in people’s eyes. And everything’s on the line isn’t it. So, we just want to, you know, blow the dust out.

Seeks: Like we were saying earlier, you normally do like, and eighteen month to a year roll. You record an album, you tour it. Then you move on to start the whole process again. We did that, and then just as the album come out, we didn’t tour it. So, we’ve not managed to do anything. So, its kind of like a steppingstone between the two. So, we’ve got some stuff still coming out, makes people… gives them something to, sort of bite their teeth into. Then it gives us that bit of extra time to still tour the old album, and write new stuff for another album.

Have you got a tour coming up?

Seeks: Yeah.

Seeks: Yeah in November.

Stevie: Bailey, when’s the tour happening?

Michael: November to December.

Seeks: What are you doing here?

Michael: I dunno?

Stevie: Bailey thought we were having a beer! Yeah November, December. Better late than never tour. Um, was the kiss the sky tour, but we’ve renamed it for obvious reasons. Um, if people wanna grab tickets or whatever. But yeah, we wanna see as many people as we can. Just have a good time and try…not forget about the last eighteen months, but try move on from them.

So yeah, get to a show!

You did the Collab with Mollie Marriott, are there any more collabs you want to do, or are in the works?

Stevie: We’re pretty chill aren’t we. Like anyone who wants to work with us really!

Yeah, we work with, you know, no doubt Mollie is a fantastic artist and we are very grateful to have worked with her. But, we would literally work with anyone.

Seeks: As you can see, no many people want to work with us.

Stevie: One and Done!

On a serious note, we love all people.

Seeks: I mean we do work with other artists as such, I mean like with the album we have female backing vocals in. We have Bob on keys, you know, from people we’ve met through the industry. They might no be like featured artists on there, but we bring in people to yeah. Especially keys, you know that really helps our sound. We’ve just not got the stage to bring that in live yet you know, it’s a big deal. I mean, there were talks of us bringing it for the studio time we did, but we wanted to have another guitar player come in didn’t we. Its all timing, and again Covid it hit and miss, but we’re happy to work with it.

So, after the past eighteen months, pandemic, covid, everything. How do you think the music industry sits at the minute?

Seeks: It’s a sorry state.

Stevie: Yeah it’s not great. I feel like I, you know. I’m not a pessimist, but I am a realist. Like, I feel like we’re gonna feel this for a long time.

Seeks: We’ve been okay to an extent but I think its hit a lot of bands. You know, there’s a lot of bands that’ll struggle to come back from this, um, you know. Like we will to an extent with the album, you know, we put a lot of money and time into an album that went down well online, but it could have been so much more. I mean, we’re still touring it later this year, but it’s not the same as their first initial releases.

Stevie: It’s not as fresh.

Then there’s so many good venues that have gone, over the last eighteen months. Great venues that have shut down. Some have been saves, some haven’t you know. You can’t sit there with a big venue and not make any money from it. So, I think a lot of venues will disappear, which is like, sad for new bands. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. The bigger venues can probably……being in the bigger eyes, they’ll bring in more money.

Stevie: But, the places that had us play when we were more shit than we are now, you know the places where we learnt what to do.

Joe: The Sitwell in Derby obviously unfortunately shut.

Stevie: Yeah! You know, it’s really, it sounds insincere, but it really does suck. It really sucks. Cus like you say, the next generation of musicians, well they’re not gonna not do it, but like you say, its getting harder and harder and harder.

Seeks: You can’t just put a band together and go play Rock City you know. It takes years to do it, but this is the bad reality. So it’ll be interesting to see how venues come back and how bands come back. And with, even with like Brexit, touring Europe, and the States, people coming in, you know. It’s all up in the air.

Stevie: B-B-B-Bad Touch on politics!

What’s next for Bad Touch?

Stevie: Ahhh, no no no, we’re splitting up now.

Joe: You got your money now!


Stevie: We’re, all eyes are blinkered on the tour, like I said earlier, November-December. Get your tickets, get down there! But then looking at the future, obviously new music, like you know, keep pushing forward, thinking of better things. As long as we move to bigger and better things, that’s all we want.

And there you have it, our quick little interview with the awesome country-blues band, Bad Touch. To keep up to date on all of our interviews and other content, follow our Facebook here.