Decade: How Does the Band’s Debut Compare to the Members’ Other Work?

They Fell From the Sky are comprised of members of both Bullet for my Valentine and Hundred Reasons, two bands I am very much a fan of! I hadn’t heard much of the band before getting asked to do the review, but the people involved made me pumped enough for its release. Add onto that the fantastic latest single I heard, and this should be one hell of a review. Join me in checking out this hard rock/metal/punk fusion band!

‘Dry’ opens on a fantastic building guitar riff backed by a solid drum roll before exploding into an even better riff. The vocals soon come over the top, having a harsher, hardcore edge to them than I was expecting. It also gives the track a lot more of a punky edge, like a heavier Frank Turner vocally. The verse builds perfectly into a catchy chorus, the vocals being an instant ear-worm. There’s a short bridge part after the second chorus as it drops down a bit, but it doesn’t really go anywhere before the final chorus comes in to take us home. There is an AWESOME scream at the end though, and the stopping dead was pretty cool!

‘Crush This World’ opens on an aptly crushing riff, heavy and huge. It drops down a little in the verse but still maintains a bouncy heaviness, while also having a great vocal hook. If anything it’s a little more catchy than the chorus, but that’s saying a lot as the chorus is also very good! We get an awesome bridge that leads suddenly into a pretty heavy (if short), breakdown, more awesome heaviness. We then get a quick final chorus to take us home. This was an awesome under three minutes, especially with the breakdown being reprised for the outro. Playlisted!

One of the singles from the album, ‘The Line’, is the song that got me into the band in the first place after being sent it to us for promotion. It’s a slower track than the previous two, more of an emotional ballad, but it’s awesome. The intro gives off almost Foo Fighters vibes with the powerful vocals over the lighter guitar riff, and the chorus is honestly beautiful thanks to the profound lyrics. The bridge is even very entertaining, the duelling vocals and harmonies over the top of the riff giving off Biffy Clyro vibes too, another fantastic band to be compared to. It’s just an awesome song all around and definitely one to check out!

‘Can’t Think of Anything’ opens on a chord build-up which gave me slight Offspring vibes before the main, pretty heavy riff kicked in. It drops back down for the verse, a beautiful vocal melody over the top of an equally beautiful guitar riff. The chorus is again very Foo Fighters thanks to the descending vocal melody at times; it sounds great. However, the song had a pretty odd structure. Because the intro and verses were so long, it meant that even at three minutes in length it only had two verses and choruses before fading out. It might have been nice to have had a longer song and had a bridge or changeup in there somewhere, but it was still a decent song nonetheless!

‘Take it or Leave it’ is the punkiest of the songs on the album simply due to the main riff, it’s light and bouncy and quite frankly Punk AF. The pre and chorus are also much of the same, both massively catchy in their own right and very enjoyable, maybe also the best of the album. The bridge riff is still pretty heavy, and the effect on the vocals for the first part of the last chorus SCREAMS pop-punk, I love it all! It was another easily playlisted song!

‘Mantrap’ heavies things up a bit again, the main riff being down-tuned awesomeness from the guitars and the drums follow it perfectly. Speaking of the drums, Jason has been solid throughout this whole album, a real unsung hero in this review so far as he has been so crazy consistent. The effect on the vocals in the verses was also awesome, adding some great dynamics and even more heaviness to it all. The screams coming out of the choruses were also awesome, really giving the band plenty of styles to work with after the punkier previous song. I always love it much more when the bands keep it interesting and have some different sounding songs on their albums, not just the same sound recycled ten times over, and this album does exactly that. Again bringing up the drums, the fading out drum solo at the end was another massive highlight of the song!

‘The Joy of Hindsight’ opens on a pretty great riff, but for some reason outside of that, the track didn’t grip me as much as the others. It was a steadier number and I think it just wasn’t quite as good as ‘The Line’, which I wasn’t expecting it to, but yeah, it was good but not as great as the others. The same could be said for the following song, ‘One More Obstacle’. It’s a good song in its own right, but other songs have done heavy better on this album so it gets a tad lost in the shuffle.

‘Staring at the Sun’ is another great combination of their heaviness and punkier aspects, a thoroughly enjoyable song. There isn’t much I can talk about with it though, or I’d just be repeating what I’ve said already at times in this review. It’s good, check it out. It also fades perfectly into the final track ‘Birth of the Stars’ something I always appreciate when listening to albums. Said song is unfortunately nothing to gush over, it’s again slightly more of an album track like the previous one. However, after ten minutes of dead air after the track, the band explode back in with a bonus track! I’m not 100% sure what the title of the track is, but the chorus is damn heavy and FULL of screaming, which I loved. The structure itself was weird (of course it was, it’s a bonus track) and mainly consists of a riff, verse and chorus before it spends a couple of minutes fading out, but it was a very enjoyable track, more so than the one it was attached to, in my opinion!

Overall: this was awesome. Almost every song was fantastic, the singles definitely not being the only ones. There were a couple of album tracks feeling songs by the end, but overall it was a damn solid release that was massively enjoyable, and it is an album I shall be listening to for a while. I look forward to hearing where the band goes from here! 

The Score: 8/10

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