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Tragedy and Nanowar of Steel: a Match Made in Heaven!

Two of Napalm Records’ hottest newer signings decended on the O2 Institute in Birmingham the other night, midway through their massive UK tour. The two fun, parody metal bands, Tragedy and Nanowar of Steel, are both touring off their first major release with the label earlier this year, and it’s safe to say they tore the roof off the place!

Surprisingly, our friends in Nanowar of Steel went on first. Opening on new, pirate-metal hit ‘Sober’, things soon took a great turn into silly with the likes of ‘Call of Cthulhu’ and ‘Il Cacciatore Della Notte’. For a smaller venue and I’d imagine a smaller budget, the show they put on was off the charts. From costume changes, inflatables thrown into the crowd and the smoke pyro stuff bands use nowadays, it all made for one hell of a show. Heck, for set closer ‘Valhalleluja’ they even built a flat-pack table and passed it around the crowd! Between that and them encouraging a George Michael style wall of love, it was a hell of a lot of fun.

It’s easy to look at the comedy and the stage-show and overlook just how phenomenal they are as musicians, but they are exactly that. Every single of of them plays their parts perfectly, with some great riffs, insane solos and some of the best, most varied vocals around today. From the soaring vocals of ‘Disco Metal’ to the heavier screaming elements of ‘Armpits of Immortals’ to the rapping in crowd favourite ‘Norwegian Reggaetion’, there was a bit of everything! And the new album tracks sounded so good and went down a storm, too. I know we reviewed it very highly, and I honestly think it’ll be the album to push them into the big leagues globally.

We even had the chance for a quick chat with bassist Gattopanceri666 before the show. Check out what we talked about below:

How’s the tour going?

‘It’s been for a while now, yeah. I would say pretty good, I would say about half of the shows sold out. Apart from the UK, the UK sucks..! I’m kidding of course!

And how’s the album gone down?

‘It’s going well! People seem to know the songs. They’ve watched the videos. They buy it at the merch table and online and wherever else they can check it out. I think it’s good. We’re happy about it. What else could we expect? I mean, we could sell more, I guess!

Have you got a favourite track from it?

‘I think you’ll see tonight. The three that we have been playing are the ones that we like the most! It’s not hard to guess, they’re the recent singles!’

And should we be expecting any surprises tonight?

Of course not! I don’t know. it’s the first time we’re playing here so I guess anything we do is going to be different from anything you’ve ever seen!’

Yeah, you guys only did Bloodstock before the tour, right?

‘Yeah, this is our first real UK tour. Before this we only played Bloodstock once last year. So we really don’t have any past history in the UK’.

If you want more of Nanowar interviewing, check out our sit-down with guitarist Mohammed Abdul from a couple of months ago below!

Next up were the headliners of the evening. The worlds greatest all-metal tribute to the Bee Gees and disco as a whole, Tragedy. Having seen them before years ago at Glastonbudget and being a fan of them ever since, I was excited to see them again!

They were very good at what they do. Their adaptations of artists like The Pointer Sisters and ABBA sound just as good live as they do on track. And all of them are far better at their chosen instruments than I’m sure they will be given any credit for. And every single one of them is hugely charismatic up on the stage.

Yet still, something felt a little off for me…

I don’t know if it was the constant, over the top sex talk (it felt a little budget Steel Panther, especially when getting the women up on stage at the end) or the fact that a covers band went on after an originals one, or the fact that they played like 18 songs, but something felt deflating. They played amazingly and put on a great show as well as playing plenty of songs I loved. I should have enjoyed it, but I came away feeling a little less joyous than when Nanowar left the stage.

Overall, I had a fantastic night, and still thought both bands did one hell of a job. The crowd loved it from start to finish and I can’t blame them at all. I was probably just tired from getting lost in Birmingham not once, but twice! I would highly recommend seeing both bands, whether you’re into metal or comedy music at all. They both put on that great of a show that you could find something to enjoy no matter what!

New Music Mondays: Black Label Society, Lordi and More!

Over ten weeks in now and you guys are still enjoying it so it looks like this series will continue on! It looks to be becoming more sparse as we approach the end of the year, with not many bands wanting to release albums so close to Christmas and New Years. However, there are still a bit of new music coming out, with four huge albums being released last Friday. Without further adue, let’s check them out!

Black Label Society: Doom Crew Inc.

Ozzy’s part-time axe-man has established himself as an equally great frontman over the last 20 years or so that Black Label Society have been a thing. Now onto their 11th studio album, the band aren’t letting up at all! It’s an hour of stomping, heavy biker metal, and I love it. It’s maybe the best Zakk Wylde has sounded vocally, and there could be an argument made that soloing is up there with some of his best too. A band long and unfortunately overshadowed because of Ozzy, this new music deserves to push them to a higher status in the rock world. Whether it does or not is another story. Highlights include the opener, ”You Made Me Want to Live’ and the emotion filled closing track. 8/10

Lordi: Lordiversity – Superflytrap

Definitely one of the weirder albums I’ve covered here so far, Finnish heavy metal band Lordi put out a disco album last week. Yep, you heard me right. Let’s get weird. I have no idea why it happened, all I know is that I love it. I cannot even find words to describe it, I just urge you to check it out down below, then find the whole album. If anything should win Christmas #1 outside of Gypsy Pistoleros, it’s Macho Freak. It’s like slightly heavier ABBA. I’ll be listening to this album a lot of the rest of the year, and you should too! 9/10.

Cynic: Ascension Codes

Prog-metal band Cynic returned with their fourth studio album and first new music since 2014, Ascension Codes. While I understand the importance of the bands first release, Focus, to the prog-metal genre as a whole, I have to say that personally, I don’t get it. It’s the same with this album. Don’t get me wrong, they are all clearly very accomplished musicians, but there was nothing here that really interested me. Lead single ‘Mythical Serpents’ was about the best of the bunch, with the other single being a close second. Neither held my attention that long, sadly. For such an interesting genre usually, it didn’t captivate me at all here. A shame. 4/10

Hypocrisy: Worship

While being the winners of album artwork of the year (seriously, it’s a thing of beauty), Swedish death metal band Hypocrisy also put out an album that’s good enough to live up to it. From the HUGE opening barrage of the title track through the awesome ‘Dead World’ all the way to the closing track, ‘God of the Underground’, it’s a class in how to do death metal damn well. From start to finish, this was another awesome album, and my favourite death metal album of the year hands down. 8.5/10