Shiraz Lane: ‘We promote peace, love and Rock ‘n Roll, what you see is what you get!’

We caught up with the awesome Shiraz Lane at Call of the Wild festival a couple of weeks ago. Join us as we talk about their new music, the scene here compared to Finland, and much more!

P.S the video isn’t up on YouTube as the audio was a little up and down and hard to understand. If y’all ask me enough, though, I’ll happily throw it up on our Patreon for free!

How was it to be invited back after last year?

Last year we actually came here because we were touring with Crashdiet. And since we were in the neighbourhood we told the people here ‘we could come here for free’. Then we played played and we were the talk of the town. And naturally, being me, I like to talk to the organisers and everything. So I was like ‘look at the crowd. Listen to the crowd. I think we both agree that next year we’re gonna be back’. He was like, yeah. So here we are!

And then tonight we did this, and you saw the crowd. So I still haven’t talked to him but I will. So maybe next year! Fingers crossed!

And what’s it like being inducted into this UK NWOCR scene?

It’s great! It’s crazy, literally. In Finland it’s all about metal. We have like two rock bands. So for us to be here, for us to get to play for these people, we’re so grateful. Like I’ve said, hopefully we can be back next year. We need it as much as you need it. So, that’s why we’re here. We don’t have this in Finland.

What is the scene like in Finland?

There is no scene. We don’t have a scene. There used to be a scene but it’s kinda dried out. It’s not as good as it used to be. We just had to make our way through other means, abroad and things.

Also, we’re literally singing in English, or American as Americans call it, which does not have the same effect in Finland. It’s not the native language. So I think we are more appreciated here and abroad in general. It’s just different. It feels like the way the music business works; you’ve got two big bosses that own most of the festivals, most of the radio, most of the TV, so you know exactly what that means. And with them, it’s easier to do everything in Finnish. We do have one song in Finnish as well, though! That was cool, that was for a TV show we did. But that’s for a different time.

Have you managed to do much in America, then?

We actually just got back from the Monsters of Rock cruise! We’ve done two of them, and right now we’re planning a South American tour for this year. Then we’re planning some shows in North America next year. Then there’s a thing that we can’t say about Monsters of Rock but let’s just say that we shall be back!

So you guys put out an album last year, right? Are we working on new music already?

We have a dozen songs ready. So we just moved into our new studio space, which is huge, and it allows us to do everything we want to do. What I’ve realised in this market era, is that you need the right kind of group around you. So you have the music. Then you have someone who does the photos and the videos and all the social media content. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do now. We’ve been very lazy. We’ve come so far with organic growth, but now in this moment we have a rehearsal space where we can shoot things like covers and videos without anything being too serious. We can just do it. And that’s what the fans want. And that’s how the YouTube world will find us.

I must admit that I hate the social media side of it. We struggle with it a lot. I mean personally, I don’t see YouTube as social media, it’s Instagram and Facebook and Twitter, though Twitter is more about fighting. ‘This is my opinion and your opinion is wrong, fuck you!’ But yeah, as a fan I want to do more of the video content stuff.

But yeah, we have a dozen demos ready. But we want to get a load together, like three or four dozen demos, and then we’ll see what we want to do, pick out the best ones. What we want is the right team around us to promote that we are Shiraz Lane, we promote peace, love and Rock ‘n Roll, what you see is what you get. So we need the right kinda team for that! And that’s why we’re doing things like this, to make friends to help out!

Are we looking at next year sort of time for the album, then?

We’ll see! Like I said, the goal is to like what we’re releasing. We’d normally have the songs for an album but do we just want to release an album or do we want to release an album. When we released Vibrations Pt. 1, the only reason we did it was so we could release Pt. 2, Pt. 3 etc. We feel like we have the songs, but right now we want to give something to our fans. We want to record an album and have a video for every single one of them, then put it all out for people to enjoy, and have them enjoy it live as well.

We’re gonna release an album when we have all songs that we’re content with and that fit together well. We’ll see when that time comes. But especially in this modern age as people, they’re all about fast-food music. ‘I want it now!’. They seem to have forgotten what goes into creating the art. What I’d like to do, depending on what happens, is put out an EP, album, whatever comes. But I think we need content right now, and then the album when the time is right. We just want to give our followers something new and cool.

And do you guys have a plan for the next say five years?

Actually we’ve been so fucking bad when it comes to this! So we always go with the flow and last year we realised, this is shit. We all work day jobs, naturally. You don’t make money looking like this and doing this stuff! Not in this age. But I’m hoping everyone finds their passion not just in music, but outside of it. It builds perspective and helps the music. For me, I do vocal coaching. But then we also need a month of us just all in the same room together!

We need the right people around us not just in Europe but in the UK, South America, Japan, everywhere! Step by step. Our goal is to just get in the face of everybody, really.

Are you planning any more gigs over here?

We’re hoping to! I can’t say that we’re planning but we’re hoping today that we’ve made lots of connections. I’m here to have fun but through playing you’re trying to make more connections so you can play more. So we’ll see. I can’t say anything but I’ve made some connections here.

And do you have a dream tour lineup you’d want to be a part of?

Okay, so I’m gonna go with Shiraz Lane headlining, obviously. But I’d want Hardcore Superstar and The Cruel Intentions. And do a co-headline tour where all the bands exchange spots throughout. I love these bands, and I think it’s something that should and would work.

This one is more of a dream, but Guns N Roses, Hanoi Rocks and Shiraz Lane. Original lineup GnR, but if we don’t have it, any lineup. Maybe actually the Use Your Illusion lineup. I’d also add Skid Row from 1990 before Sebastian Bach went a bit rubbish.

Skid Row and then Michael Jackson being the headliner would also be cool. MJ from the Bad era. Toto from the 80s too!