New Music Mondays 14th March 2022

New Music Mondays: Ghost, Bryan Adams and More!

Another week, and a bunch more new music for us to go through, Strap yourselves in, this week’s all over the place!


The pop metallers have been at the top of their game and near the top of the rock world for the last few years now. However, the singles from this new album have been a bit of a mixed bag. The one I have dropped below is great, but some of the others didn’t do much for me. You can check out the full review for the album, alongside the score, from the link here.

Bryan Adams: So Happy It Hurts

Changing pace less than one would expect, we make it to soft rock legend Bryan Adams’ 15th studio album. I don’t even know what to say about it, anyone who’s heard Bryan Adams before knows exactly what to expect, and he doesn’t let them down with this. I’m a big Bryan Adams fan though so I loved this. Tracks like the title one, ‘Always Have, Always Will’ and the ACDC quoting, John Cleese featuring awesomeness that is ‘Kick Ass’ are all massive highlights. 8/10

Set It Off: Elsewhere

Pop-punkers Set It Off put out their fifth studio album last week. It starts off a little slow with their weakest single, ‘Skeleton’, but ‘Projector’ in contrast is one of the favourite tracks I’ve heard from the band. Cody Carson is one of the best rappers currently around and criminally underrated at that and singing a damn catchy chorus. In fact, every chorus on this album is incredible. They somehow manage to out-Panic!-At-The-Disco Brendan Urie these days, it’s that well written. The style may not be for everyone of course, but this grew on me more and more throughout. A DAMN good album! 8.5/10

BODEGA: Broken Equipment

American punk band BODEGA released another odd album on Friday. I somehow don’t get it and really like it at the same time. It’s chilled out, radio-friendly punk music that reminds me a lot of the likes of R.E.M. and even The Cult. It’s a good, fun album if you want something more relaxing to throw on than our usually covered content. Tracks like the opener and ‘Pillar on the Bridge of You’ are highlights. 7/10

Drug Church: Hygiene

Another New York based band, but this time post-hardcore. It’s definitely the lightest post-hardcore music I’ve ever heard, but that isn’t a bad thing! It’s fun, catchy and ch0nky punk rock, and an enjoyable and concise 26 minutes. Highlights include the opening track and the single, ‘Million Miles of Fun’. 6.5/10

Konvent: Call Down the Sun

And finally we reach the death/doom band’s sophomore album. While still relatively new to the scene, their blending of the two rather different sub-genres is impressive and oddly hypnotic. And, while it shouldn’t really be a factor these days, the fact that it is an all-female band does make it even more impressive. It sounds like what you would have expected Black Sabbath to sound like back in the day if you had only seen the reactions of worried mothers trying to stop their children from listening to such satanic music. It’s great. The singles are highlights, as is the epic closing track. The band have a new fan in me! 7.5/10

And there you have it, another week of great rock music! Next week, Feeder!