This is Primal: The Next Big Radio Rock Band?

Arcane Saints are an Australian hard rock band. The band put out their first album in almost a decade just a couple of days ago, and we just had to check it out. Take a look below and see what we thought!

Drowning opens on a great build-up into a fairly heavy indie riff, almost bordering on math rock. The track slows up a little for the verse but the awesome instrumentation continues through it behind some great vocals. It reminds me a little of both Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell at the same time, giving it all a real grunge edge. It dropping out to just bass and vocals for the second verse was a nice touch, adding some fun dynamics. The chorus is really fun and catchy too, the odd backing vocals adding a lot to it. It doesn’t stick around too long either, hitting the massive riff again as an outro after the second chorus and rounding out a fantastic opening song. Playlisted!

‘Fade in to You’ opens on some more great bass work before an almost punk rock riff comes in over the top. It’s great and a lot of fun! The high energy keeps up throughout the song, a bouncy verse leading to a massive, open and very catchy chorus. Even more 90s Seattle scene vibes being given off in this track. It drops down after the second chorus, building up pretty well into a great final verse and chorus. Another awesome track and the second of two to make the playlist!

‘Satellites’ is a little steadier than the others so far, somehow giving off even more Audioslave vibes. It could launch into ‘Be Yourself’ at any moment, and I love it. The chorus doesn’t change much, just adding a bit more guitar to it all, but it’s enough of a change to make it feel bigger. The layered, catchy vocals probably help too. I also have to point by now out how damn good the production value is for this album. For a smaller band, it sounds top quality. I think I missed something with the voiceover stuff going on at the start and in the middle, but it definitely still fit in with the track. Three for three on great songs so far!

‘Melbourne City’ slows things down, a clean guitar sound and vocals being the main focal parts of the track. Some light drums come in behind them around the mid-way point, but further add to the chilled out, laid back nature of the track. It was a nice little track and a great change of pace.

Said pace is quickly picked back up with the punk, infectiously-bouncy ‘Low’. It almost has a slight country feel to it in the verse, being a very diverse, interesting blend of styles. The chorus is typically great too again, them being a real highlight of the band so far. There was also a surprisingly good guitar solo in the middle, something I wasn’t expecting from the band. It was great and added some Led Zeppelin vibes to the mix! And dropping it down for an outro was a nice touch too. Another phenomenal song, and one that makes the playlist!

‘Wildlife’ is another mid-tempo bluesy track, while ‘2AM’ is more of a ballad than ‘Melbourne City’, even. It starts slow and quite, building to a fantastic, huge, open chorus. It reminds me of the late 90s/early 2000s pop-rock, think Candlebox or Matchbox Twenty. ‘Tonight’ has a fun, catchy, rebellious (if slightly repetitive) chorus, but outside of that not a massive amount of the song stood out to me. Then the album does my biggest pet peeve that happens so much these days: ending the album on a slow track. ‘Rivers’ itself is a great song, and maybe my favourite slower one on the album, but it doesn’t feel enough of a signoff that this awesome album needed. It should have gone out with a bang, not a slower, albeit epic fade-out riff. Still, as I said, it’s a great track, and makes the playlist!

Overall: This was fantastic! I went into this completely blind and was not at all disappointed. These guys have a very bright future ahead of them if they keep putting out music of this quality. It’s up there with one of my favourite albums of the year so far, I have to say!

The Score: 8.5/10

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