Deafheaven’s Infinite Granite

‘Infinite Granite’ is the latest studio album released by the American metal band Deafheaven.

With only one pre-released single from the album, ‘In Blur’, we didn’t know what to expect.

It’s nothing like their older albums, especially 2018’s ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’ for example with George Clarke’s screaming vocals – I thought I was listening to the wrong band at first.

Something that stands out on ‘Infinite Granite’ is Deafheaven’s sound – it almost feels like an ASMR video at times with the unique synths, layered dynamics and use of sound effects (hearing a sound other than a standard instrument) like in ‘Mombasa.’

For this reason, there isn’t a track that stands out to me on this album except maybe ‘The Gnashing’ as it’s a little more upbeat. The album is simple easy listening and whilst it’s interesting to hear the different textures and use of sound, it didn’t strike me as some of Deafheaven’s best work.

This album isn’t something I would necessarily listen to again, but it was nice to hear a band experimenting beyond their typical sound.

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