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Dead Writers: Among Spirits

Dead Writers are a UK old-school pop-rock band. Their hotly anticipated self-titled debut EP is set for release in December, and they put out their first single from it, Among Spirits, a week or so ago. Their vintage sound got us intrigued enough as it is that we had to review it, which you can read down below! Safe to say we were not disappointed!

The track opens on a beautiful clean guitar riff, sounding equal parts uplifting but also sinister, a hard line to walk but done well! The low vocals come in over the top and instantly transport me back to the 80s. The singer reminds me a lot of someone and it pissed me off for a long while, but I think I have it narrowed down to a combination of Jarvis Cocker and Ville Valo. It sounds fantastic over the top of the steady instrumentation and builds up even more into a catchy, fuller chorus. The guitars and drums pick up a bit for it and the vocals start to sore through a very catchy, 80s-style melody. I love it.

We get a great bridge part after the second chorus where the vocalist moves onto the piano to add some awesome and frankly epic-sounding depth behind a wah-led lead guitar line. It reminds me a fair bit of some of Bowie’s rockier stuff, especially with how long they let the part breathe, think ‘Moonage Daydream’. It’s a really beautiful part of the song and highlights the talent of each band member fantastically. We then get a brief final verse before a massive final chorus takes us home in style.

Overall: This was awesome. Considering I hadn’t heard anything of this band really before now, they definitely have a new fan in me! The 80s vibe was fantastic, but they modernised it well and put their own spin on it. I cannot wait for the full EP!

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A Joker Among Thieves: Don’t Run Away

A Joker Among Thieves are a three-piece heavy rock band hailing from Yorkshire. The band have released a couple of tracks over the last two years to pretty great success, and now they are gearing up to drop their latest one, ‘Don’t Run Away’, at the end of this month. We discovered the band through their awesome set at Rockin’ The Bowl last month and we were kindly given a sneak preview ahead of the big release in order to review it. Well, here is that review!

Starting out pretty fast and heavy, the drums keep a steady beat behind an awesome little guitar riff. The vocals come in, powerful and melodic, almost giving the track more of a punk feel than anything else. If it is punk, though, it’s still pretty heavy. The pre is pretty fun, building up perfectly into a catchy, massive chorus. It’s easy to sing along to vocally and the instrumentation behind it makes it all sound massive, a real credit to the producer of the track for that one too! The vocals ever so slightly remind me of Rob Zombie at times, for whatever reason.

The awesome riff continues out of the second chorus, the bass being turned up and the bassist really getting to show off his awesome skill. It reminds me a little bit of Frank Bello’s playing, or even Cliff Burton. We also get an awesome, pretty technical guitar solo over the top, something that shows off even more of the bands thrash influences. We then get a great stripped back final verse, this time having some extra vocals that repeat or mirror the main ones, giving a sweet echo effect but also giving a slight unnerving tone, which I imagine is exactly what they were going for. We then get a final chorus afterwards with an awesome, catchy outro, the repeated vocal of the song’s title being the perfect thing for a crowd to sing back to the band in a live setting.

Overall, it’s an awesome track, and one that will easily make the playlist as soon as it is out on streaming services. I would recommend the track and the band as a whole for anyone who is into rock music, as they are also damn good live. Good stuff!

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