New Music Mondays: Deathless Legacy, Rioghan and More!

Another week where I’ve heard of just one of the six bands releasing new music. I love weeks like this as I usually find some great new bands to become obsessed with. Let’s see which it is this week, shall we?

Deathless Legacy: Mater Larvarum

I loved this from the opening track. I’m usually a bit on and off with the whole power/symphonic metal thing, but this had something about it, an edge that really kept it interesting for me.

There were a fair amount of different sounds to it, too. From Nightwish to smatterings of Fleetwood Mac to even Ward XVI, there’s a lot of great styles. Heck, ‘Moonless Night’ is very early-Meliora era Ghost and I LOVE it for that. It’s a definite highlight track. Then you’ve got tracks like the opener and the insanely good ‘Coven’ which are also amazing and highlights. I have noticed that the heavier, riffier tracks seem to be my favourite ones, but honestly they’re all good songs! The band have a new fan in me for sure from this album! 8/10

Jamie Porter: Rock N Roll Soul

Check out our full review of the album, alongside the score, here.

Rokets: Break Free

A breath of early NWOBHM Judas Priest next with Rokets’ new album. It has elements of Clutch, Volbeat desert rock and sleaze too added in for good measure, but British Steel definitely seems like the main template.

I’m honestly struggling to say much about this. It’s not that I don’t like it by any stretch, I really enjoyed listening to it and would happily do so again. But none of it was terrible, nor mind-blowing, it was just a solid rock track. It didn’t stand out, aside from having me commit the name to memory as a ‘good band’. Still though, as I said I’d happily listen to this again and most likely will be doing a fair bit heading into the new year. ‘Destroyer’ and ‘Night Time’ were personal highlights. 7.5/10

Faceless Man: Road to Darkness

This was all about the riffs, and goddamn were the riffs tasty. Don’t get me wrong, the vocals were enjoyable enough, somewhere on the death metal spectrum, but the spoken word elements were a little odd, honestly. I get that they added to the horror element of the album, and I loved the opening intro track building up, but generally the vocals didn’t land to me. The screams were better than the clean vocals.

‘Welcome to Paradise’ and the slower ‘Smile at Me’ were highlights of the album. The rest of it is still heavy and fun, though. It’s clear the band are heavily influenced by Disturbed, and could definitely get there one day. But, in the nicest but bluntest way possible, the vocals have got to change. 4/10

Arrayan Path: Thus Always to Tyrants

I also found it really hard to pick a highlight track or two from this. The opening three songs are amazing and fit what the band were going for perfectly. I’d recommend them to anyone wanting to get into anything prog or power/Egyptian/Roman metal, as they really are stellar. Then there’s the epic ‘Raid of the Achaemenids’ and ‘The Legend of Evagoras’, two power-prog masterpieces. They almost feel like rock-opera style stuff, think heavier Phantom of the Opera. It’s really fucking fantastic. I can’t praise this album enough, damn, I need to check out some of their older stuff. They have a new massive fan in me! 9/10

This was an odd, yet greatly fun, proggy power metal album. I actually loved the heavy focus on the vocals, it’s rare to have frontman take the sort of risks they are here these days, and it lead to some really cool melodies and harmonies. That shouldn’t take away from the rest of the band, though. The lead guitars were awesome and the drums and bass held it all down perfectly at whatever speed was required.

Rioghan: Different Kinds of Losses

This could be a niche reference, but this album reminds me a lot of the German band ASP. It’s that kind of epic, dark, semi-industrial, Tool-ish sound, and some of the vocal melodies in particular really remind me of their frontman.

I’m again struggling to pick particular highlights from the album, but that’s because they’re all so different and interesting. You want slow build, epic prog? Straight up rock? Awesome acoustic parts? Soring, beautiful female vocals? brutal extreme metal screams? This album has all of that and more! It’s not often I recommend a full album but stop reading this right now and give this album a listen from front to back. I promise you will not be disappointed, it really is that good! 8.5/10