The New Roses: ‘You can really tell it’s important to help people have a good time!’

The second in our ongoing Call of the Wild 2022 Diary series, we sat down for a quick chat with The New Roses frontman Timmy Rough. Check out below as we asked him a few questions after the band’s set!

How was the gig?

It was great! These gigs are always kind of a rollercoaster ride, you know. You get here and you have no clue where anything is, they show you to the stage and you just go up there, grab a guitar and it’s like ‘You’ve got 50 minutes, go!’ It’s always a hellride, no soundcheck or anything so it’s very different to what we do on tour, but it’s very exciting.

How’s the tour going?

It’s amazing. Everybody’s afraid about how post Covid stuff is working so for us it was an incredible surprise that the venues were packed. People are very emotional, they really want to have a good time. You can really tell that they are sick and tired of worrying.

And when you’re in a rock’n’roll band and you’re playing every night you sometimes start to question your meaning. You’re singing about ‘having a good time, Saturday night’ and you start to wonder if you’re doing any good to the world. But now you can really tell it’s important to help people have a good time.

Have you got any more plans for the UK or any more dates at all?

We’re trying to put together a whole UK tour and we’ve just finished recording our new record which is going to be released around October. From then we really want to try and make it happen because we enjoy every UK show we’ve done. The UK rock fans are special. You can tell they really need it.

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Would you say the album sounds much different from previous ones?

No. We just picked it up where it stopped and tried to push it to the next level. For me as a songwriter I try to focus more on strong melodies and proper songwriting than focusing on big guitar solos and stuff so we’ve just tried to come up with really good songs. I’ve got a big passion for songwriters like Bryan Adams so I just try to come up with good songs.

We worked together as closely as we ever did before. It’s a real band record this time. Everybody has their gaps filled. Everybody’s really taking part in the whole process. But, if you like The New Roses, you’ll like the record. It’s not like we’re trying something totally different.

As I said before, we just want people to have a good time, so we don’t want to try to work through the whole Covid thing. We tried to write songs about having a good time and leaving shit behind.

Have you got any advice you could give to a new band just starting up?

Firstly I’d say don’t take advice from anybody!

You should try to not quit. Work through the hard times and just keep pushing and enjoying. Don’t let it become too much of a job because people can feel that. They enjoy it the most when they see you enjoying it. But other than that rock’n’roll has no rules so how should I come up with any rules?