Death Ignloria: ‘we are exploring the inglorious ways which humanity will reach its death’

The concept-based rock/metal band Death Ingloria are currently out on tour with the brilliant Ward XVI. That’s how I discovered them (and check out the review of the show we went to here) and loved them. The bands sole member was kind enough to sit down between touring to talk to us about their sound, writing in their style and their future. Check it out in video or written form below!

How would you describe your sound?

It’s a mix of different genres, for sure. I like a lot of punk and riffs. There’s not a lot of solos in Death Ingloria songs mostly because I never bothered to learn any. I’m not a noodler, I’m more like the Rammstein ‘lets play a good riff’ kinda idea. There’s a little bit of prog… I guess it’s heavy rock/light metal. It’s a bit poppy and a bit proggy at the same time.

How’s the tour going with Ward XVI?

It’s been good, really good fun! Ward XVI are a unique bunch of lunatics, that’s for sure. They’ve been super kind to us by taking us under their wing because we’re a small band compared to the mighty juggernaut that is Ward XVI. It’s been really fun. The first two shows for me were very stressful, just trying to get the band together and stuff. Death Ingloria is essentially a one human project, the guys I have on stage with me are session players. As much as I’d love them to be in the band with me they all have their own projects.

I had been touring the whole thing by myself for four years before lockdown happened. The band is really new on this tour. We did the album launch with a band but having a touring band is new to this Ward tour. So the first leg was getting all the gremlins out of the system and then the second leg was a lot better. This third leg is going to slot together really well. Between all of our props and lights and all of Ward’s props and lights there’s an awful lot of props and lights! It’s a full theatre stage show by two bands. It’s interesting having these two bands with very narrative driven rock! They’re the perfect headliner for us, I think it’s a really good match between our story and their story.

So what inspires the storylines when you’re writing?

The two albums are complete sci-fi stories from start to finish. I kill off humanity completely in every story, not one human stays alive at the end. So, we are exploring the inglorious ways which humanity will reach its death.

What inspired that was I’d been trying to start a band for the guts of 20 years, trying to find people to write and play with. After the last incarnation of my band fell apart decided to do it alone. So I knew that the things people really want is some kind of stage show and I think that to some people having a girl singing and playing guitar is a high feature. I thought I could do those things myself, I just needed something on stage with me for that first part. I thought let’s get some animations, why don’t we do a comic book and have a story.

Within an hour of thinking about it I’d decided every album would have a comic, I’d animate those comics into music videos and every gig we’ll tell the story of one of the comics. We do mix and match the songs between the comics but on this tour we are telling the second comic story.

That was the easiest way for me to fill a stage with all the stuff that I wanted to do. I built this custom round projection screen which can change size depending on what size of stage we’re on. I sewed that together, I basically invented it! Well, I borrowed somebody else’s idea and made it work better for me. I think it’s the only one in the world.

What inspired you to be more of a concept artist?

I’m actually kind of a… comic book stock child. When I was a kid my mum used to write for 2000AD, she wrote for Judge Dredd and at one point had two different series running at the same time. We used to go to comic-cons! So when it came to the idea of how I’m going to tell the story, comics came most easily to me. I didn’t know anything about videography then, I’ve managed to learn about that and streaming over lockdown but before that I’d have had to employ a lot of freelancers to get any live action stories. And when I deviate from the mission statement everything gets hard and expensive and I get miserable so I’m very much like ‘we make music, comic books, animate them into videos and then project those videos on stage’.

I’m actually going to make sure we go into space for our next story. We’re a sci-fi based project so if we’re not in space then it kinda brings us back down to normality. So the first story is based in space while the the second one is in the near future.

Are so you said you’re working on new material, how’s it going?

Death Ingloria only released this second album in August, it’s not even a year old, so that’ll be touring until well into next year. I’m six demos down onto the new album and I would like this new one to be a full album, so going for 12 tracks. And I’d like it to be more of a graphic novel rather than a comic.

I’d like to really explore the theatre aspect of it more too. We have a voice actor involved in the second one who does all the animation voices for us but we originally had an idea of having a projection mapped theatre production where the actor would be on stage and I’d be playing around him. For this third one we might go into a bit more of that side of things, but it’s hard if you’re touring small venues. I originally thought you couldn’t bring a theatre production into a small venue and then we toured with Ward XVI! But I think it’ll be written more like… not musical theatre or a rock opera, but a modern metal band that does a lot of animation.

What would you say the state of the music industry is like currently?

I am in no place to tell people, I don’t know. I sit in this room in my little lab and I come out to play shows when people ask me to. I don’t know, is the answer. We’ve shaken the trees essentially and anyone who’s not in it for the long haul has fallen out I guess. And then a whole new lot of blood has come in. I also work at Brixton and Shepherds Bush down in London and audiences just aren’t showing up if a show has been rescheduled to a new date. And people aren’t buying in advance. But people are turning up. There’s been a couple of times when tickets sales have been bad but then the room is quite full. But whether that’s good or bad or indifferent, I don’t know.

And there we have it. Check out Death Ingloria ‘s music and try to get down to one of their shows ASAP, it’s definitely worth it!