New Music Mondays - Korn, Saxon, Rolo Tomassi and more

New Music Mondays: Korn, Saxon, Rolo Tomassi and More!

As we hit February and the dust settles on the new year we start to see more and more bands beginning to put out new music. This year is no exception. From nu-metal to pop punk, we have eight new albums to check out this week. Strap yourselves in, ladies and gents, it’s a long one!

Korn: Requiem

14 albums for the nu-metal godfathers. Boy that makes me feel old. I would also argue the band are still yet to put out a bad album. Sure, Path of Totality didn’t knock it out of the park, but there was still good stuff on that album and the band have been on form with the three since. Fingers crossed their first new music in a couple of years is more of the same.

Requiem continues that excellence. From the heaviness and one of the best riffs Munky has written in years in ‘Forgotten’ through the emotion-filled and catchy ‘Let The Dark Do the Rest’, it is the best one-two punch the band have released to start an album in years. By the time it reaches its lead single the track is rather overshadowed. And honestly, that continues throughout the album. the lead single, ‘Start the Healing’, is the weakest track by a fair margin, and an odd choice for a single. The other eight tracks and 29-minutes are some of the best Korn have ever put out. If anything, there simply isn’t enough of it!

It feels like what the band were going for on Korn III but perfected. And Davis’ voice sounds as good as ever, as well as his lyrics being emotional and brooding as ever. Check this out, you won’t be disappointed! 8.5/10

Saxon: Carpe Diem

24 albums later and Saxon have no right still being this good. The band have been on fire in the last decade, with Sacrifice, Battering Ram and Thunderbolt being a great run of form. Just like Korn before, their new music doesn’t break that track record. The opening and title track is one of the best singles the band have ever released and tracks like ‘The Pilgrimage’ and ‘Super Nova’ being big highlights too. As usual the band straddle the line between NWOBHM and thrash superbly, and sound like a band easily 20 years younger than they are. Another must for metal fans. 8/10.

Rolo Tomassi: Where Myth Becomes Memory

A band that I have heard the name of a bunch but have never checked out before now. That’s right, you’re getting rare fresh reaction from me! Because of this I didn’t even look into what genre the band was or any of their previous material, I just dove right in. All iI know is that I think they’re kinda heavy.

It was definitely interesting. I’m not 100% sure I ‘get’ it, though. The single, ‘Cloaked’, was better than the frankly boring opening track, but I found myself simply wanting to move on through a lot of this. Don’t get me wrong, I see their appeal: they’re weird and extremely talented. But nothing stood out to me, nothing had me wanting to put it back and listen to it again. Given that these are all done on my opinion alone and I simply found it a confusing, semi-disjointed mess that felt like a less polished Spiritbox, I can’t score this any higher than 4/10. As I said, the talent was there, but it doesn’t do much for me!


Another band I hadn’t heard before now. Let’s hope they’re better than their cringy song titles and broken caps-lock imply.

It simultaneously both is and isn’t. While the instrumentation is your basic collection of pop-punks best power chords and little else and the lyrics sound like they were written by an ‘edgy’ 13-year-old after their first breakup, it is somehow some of the catchiest shit I have heard in a while. Tracks like ‘IDGAF’ and ‘ILY, HOW ARE YOU?’ have almost immediately become not-so-guilty pleasures of mine. It’s like how Busted should be these days. A band I will definitely be listening to an embarrassing amount in the next few weeks, and I don’t even care. 7.5/10

Jack J Hutchinson: The Hammer Falls

No stranger to our site, Jack‘s album is finally out as of last Friday! I shan’t say much given that we did an in-depth review of the album here, but it is definitely good! You’ll have to click the link to find out the score…

Venom Prison: Erebos

And we finally reach the heavy stuff. The Welsh death metal band released their fourth album last Friday and their first new music since 2020. It pulls no punches, being nearly 50-minutes of being repeatedly punched in the face in the best way. If this company has anything, it’s that I like death metal a lot more than I thought I did! ‘Judges of the Underworld’, ‘Nemesis’ and the surprising slower track ‘Pain of Oizys’ were all massive highlights, but honestly the whole album is great. While it may scare some off for obvious reasons, I would highly recommend if you like your heavy music. 8.5/10

Persefone: Metanoia

This was a fucking experience. The only thing I can compare it to is when I listened to Igorrr’s Spirituality And Distortion for the first time. From the opening track into ‘Katabasis’ it is clear the playing ability is on another level, the drums and guitars are incredible. It is also how you do weird/chaotic right. It’s all over the place but it somehow all fits the mood and tone of the album. And it’s HEAVY , which always helps. I’m honestly finding it hard to pick out some highlights as it is all so good and interesting. Even if screaming and the heavy stuff isn’t your thing, try to push past it for this album, I promise you you will be blown away by it all. If nothing else, just check out the three part ‘Anabasis’. 8.5/10

Mass Worship: Portal Tombs

Our final album for this week is a ‘darkened metal’ one. It was pretty much exactly what I was expecting it to be. It’s death metal through and through and was by no means bad. I just simply think I’ve been that spoiled by variety this week that something so straight up didn’t catch my attention as much. Tracks like ‘Unholy Mass’ and ‘Scorched Earth’ are definite highlights, but not a lot left me wanting to go back in for a second listen. 5/10

And there we have it guys, another week of new music down. As always keep up to date on all of our content from our Facebook here and tune in next week for the almighty Slash!