New Music Mondays: Twin Atlantic!

Guess who’s back! The first content from us of 2022 and of course it’s the fan favourite, New Music Mondays! We couldn’t leave this behind in 2021, especially when there are so many more amazing albums slated to be released in the next 12 months.

So, what lucky singular album and artist gets to say they were the first band for NMM 2022? check them out below…

Twin Atlantic: Transparency

Scottish alt-rock band Twin Atlantic have been going a lot longer than I imagine anyone but their die-hard fans realised. Now on their sixth studio album, the band have been going solid for nearly 15 years. While I have only ever heard a couple of tracks by them, namely the banger that is 2014’s ‘Heart and Soul’, I would say I’m a fan of the band, even if I know very little from them. They always felt a little too far under Biffy Clyro’s shadow for me to give much time to it, unfortunately.

This was not what I was expecting.

Leaning a lot heavier into the alt side of things, it feels more like a pop album than a rock one. It’s closer to the KoL/Imagine Dragons style of US pop-‘rock’ than anything I have heard from the band before. The tracks themselves aren’t actually that bad, but it was such a shock to the system expecting something a fair bit different to what I got. Tracks like ‘One Man Army’ and ‘Dance Like your Mother’ stand out as rock/early 2000s British pop mashups, like a heavier Scissor Sisters. In fact, the latter track is by far the highlight of the album, what a bop.

Not a bad album at all, and if you’re into your alt/indie rock it’s definitely worth a listen. 6.5/10

And there we have it folks! Just one this week but it definitely starts to ramp up again towards the end of the month. And it was a pretty decent album to kick things back off with, too! Until next week!

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