New Music Mondays: Assimilate!

I did warn everyone that New Music Mondays would become drastically shorter as we got closer to the New Year. Even I wasn’t expecting it this fast, though! One album, and it’s one I’ve reviewed already as recently as Friday. However, it’s a damn good album, so I may as well talk about it again!

Assimilate: Suffer in Silence

A damn good second album from UK based alt-metal band Assimilate. It’s full of catchy hooks, huge riffs and even huger breakdowns. If you’re a fan of the genre, metalcore or just heavier music as a whole I would highly suggest checking it out. I’ve even gone as far as to link one of the tracks below so you don’t have to search very far! Check out the full album review here for something more in-depth.

So yeah, not much else to say really. Check out the album, and keep up to date as usual on all of our content from our Facebook here. See y’all next week!