Krooked Tongue: ‘Every song has a different story’

Krooked Tongue are a Bristol-based psychodellic/noise rock band. Having gotten out on tour a couple of months back and are gearing up for a massive EP launch in the new year, with a couple of singles already out. We got the chance to sit down with the band and chat about all of that and more. Check it out below!

So, congrats on the single! It seems to have been received pretty well?

Yeah yeah, we’ve had a lot of good coverage on it, it’s been really cool!

It’s obviously part of a full EP. What was the writing process for that, given that you couldn’t have been in the same room for some of it?

They’re songs we’ve been gigging for a while.

We’ve had ‘No Vacancy Hotel’ for as long as I can remember! The other three are kinda fairly new.

‘Vampyre’ and ‘Freaky Love’… I think it was some time towards the end of last year that it was written. But we’ve kinda held off for a while as we wanted to see where we were going with it, recording wise. Then we found Josh Gallop, who’s in an amazing band called Phoxjaw and he brought it to life really!

Is there any specific themes for the EP or any stories behind it or anything?

There’s not particularly an overarching theme for the whole EP.

Every song has a different story.

Sonically I think it flows and moves really well!

Would you say it’s much different from your previous work?

It’s different to the songs we’ve already recorded. We’ve sort of found our style a bit more with these ones, I think.

When we did them live they don’t sound as different as they do on the recordings. The way the set flows it doesn’t sound different. But I think the recording process has brought out different styles.

I feel like we sound a little bit heavier live than we do on the recordings, so I think that comes across!

So you guys have not long finished your tour with Mother Vulture, how did that go?

Yeah it was so good! Those lads are sound!

I assume it was some of your first gigs back, as well?

Yeah, we had one in July in Bristol but that was it until the tour. It’s been really really good to get back to doing it again.

Has it taken a bit to find your groove and be gig ready again?

I don’t know, we rehearse pretty regularly so we weren’t too rusty. I think when we first came back after the first lockdown we were like some dad covers band of ourselves, it was crap. But it’s like muscle memory so when you start playing the songs you’re like ‘oh yeah!’. By the first stop on the tour it was like nothing had changed.

Have you got a full headline tour scheduled for the EP?

Yeah, I suppose. I don’t think the EP will come out until the start of next year and that’s when we’re wanting to do headline shows again. Just hoping we can reschedule our tour that was cancelled because of COVID.

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