New Music Mondays: Bullet for my Valentine, Radiohead and More!

A slightly tamer week than last week with less than half the amount of new albums released, but that doesn’t mean the quality is any less! Four albums spanning metalcore to rock, there is a lot to be excited about here. Join us in checking it out!

Bullet for my Valentine: Bullet for my Valentine

A band with more ups and downs than most, Bullet for my Valentine return to their heavier sound with their latest, self-titled record. Their seventh studio effort may bring back a lot of former fans as it is a lot closer to their debut album’s sound than their last couple have been. It’s heavy, it’s awesome, and you’re going to have to wait for a full review as there was no way I wasn’t going to check this out in full as a long-term fan!

Radiohead: KID A MNESIA

I just want to say right out of the gate… I’m not at all a fan of Radiohead. I don’t get it, it bores me. So if I offend anyone with these next few sentences, I’m sorry. But… it’s over two hours of boring nothingness. Like honestly the first 15 minutes I checked out felt like a joke, it was just repetitive, boring noise and barely present, terrible vocals. What was with the horns on ‘The National Anthem’? It sounded like bad experimental jazz, like that song from the show Preacher. And this thing is THREE DISCS and THIRTY FOUR TRACKS. I’m sorry but what the fuck?! I checked out a variety of tracks from each of the discs and none of it got any better. The one below is one of the very few tolerable tracks across the whole album. 2/10

Portrayal of Guilt: CHRISTFUCKER

Hardcore punk band Portrayal of Guilt are probably one of the heaviest bands we’ve covered on this series so far, as you probably could have guessed by the album title. The third album by the trio, after releasing their second only back in January, they definitely have a pretty distinct sound to them. This is another album that definitely isn’t going to be for everyone, and was even a bit much for me, but there was some good stuff in here at least, the odd riff and awesome vocal line. However, for the most part it was a terribly produced mess. ‘Fall From Grace’ in particular stands out as both a showcase of what the album is good at and terrible at, all compressed into just two-and-a-half minutes. If you’re a fan of brutal music, this may appeal to you, but if it scares you, I’d probably recommend skipping it. 3/10

Neptune Rain: Chaos and Light, Extended Edition

Originally an EP released as Neptune Rain‘s debut last year, it got extended into an album this last week with a further few tracks. It’s awesome, and one of the best debuts I have heard in a good long while. You can find our full review of it here.

And there we have it. A pretty quiet week thanks to a couple more delays, but still a pretty decent week depending on what sort of music you like!

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