New Music Mondays: Ice Nine Kills, Frank Carter and More!

A much busier week this week than the last, with six new albums having been released within the last week. Said albums range from alternative rock to straight up melodic hardcore, and everything in between. Check them all out down below and enjoy the great week we have ahead of us!

Ice Nine Kills: The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood

Certainly one of my most anticipated albums of the year, horror-loving band Ice Nine Kills returned with a sequel to their critically acclaimed 2018 album The Silver Screamed with another slasher and terror inspired album. I don’t want to say too much about this album as I am currently working on a review of it and gushing over it enough, but it is a worthy successor and WELL worth the wait.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes: Sticky

Modern day punk icons Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes only formed back in 2015, but they already have now four albums under their belt and a rabid, ever growing fanbase. It’s not particularly my sort of music, for some reason I thought they were heavier, not a slower, boring version of early Artic Monkeys, but it’s not bad music by any stretch. Particular highlights include the albums title track and Cobra Queen. 6.5/10

Tom Morello: The Atlas Underground Fire

Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave guitar wizard Tom Morello is back with the second instalment of his Atlas Underground collection, showing off his incredible talent for not only making weird noises come out of guitars but also songwriting. Pulling a Slash and having a different guest vocalist for each song gave the man plenty of scope to write different sounds and genres throughout the album. From the heavy metal manicness of BMTH guesting ‘Let’s Get the Party Started’ to the more stripped back, blues/country rock of ‘The War Inside’ thanks to Chris Stapleton, this album kinda has it all. And I have to say, I love it. I honestly wish I had time to write a full review, but we have too much going on right now so I shall instead give it a solid 8/10.

Gemini Syndrome: 3rd Degree – The Raising

Alt Metal band Gemini Syndrome have been around for a few years now, being a bigger deal in the US than over here, unfortunately. However, having three huge albums now under their belt since 2013 the band have continued to grow and evolve their sound, and this new album feels like the culmination of that growth. The opening track is incredible and lead single ‘Die With Me’ is a strong highlight of a very good album overall! It’s another album I’d love to review as a whole as it is really good, and another that gets a high 8/10 from me!

Twelve Foot Ninja: Vengeance

Australian prog(ish) metal band Twelve Foot Ninja returned with their third album this last week, building on their heavy yet catchy sound even more-so than before. I don’t know why I thought these guys had been around a lot longer than they have been, but I guess that’s a testament to how good they are if I’ve been listening to them for so long. It’s another good album on a week clearly full of them, but particular highlights are the title track, ‘Long Way Home’ and ‘Over and Out’ featuring the wonderful Tatiana of Jinjer. 7.5/10

Hate: Rugia

And last but not least we reach everyone’s favourite genre, blackened death metal! Even as long ago as a year or two I would have been adamant on not even listening to this sort of thing as it was too heavy for me, but after reviewing At the Gates earlier this year it’s really helped open my eyes to the awesomeness of this end of music. It’s not my favourite genre by any stretch, but I enjoyed this album far more than I thought I would. I just love the epic feel of it all and even the vocals have grown on me considerably. It also helps that Hate are one of the hardest working bands of 30+ years old, having put out three albums now in the last four years. That’s damn impressive. For anyone interested, check out ‘Resurgence’ and ‘Sun of Extinction’. 7/10

And there we have it, another awesome week in rock music and one of the best weeks we’ve had so far in terms of quality! Six awesome albums from six awesome bands, what more could you ask for?

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