New Music Mondays: Trivium and….

So, we have a first here on New Music Mondays (though that’s not hard given that we’ve been doing it for just a month). Due to Devin Townsend’s two albums, The Puzzle and Snuggle, being delayed by two weeks due to being unable to get hold of CD materials, There was but one rock album released last Friday. But don’t worry guys, it’s a doozy!

Trivium: In the Court of the Dragon

One of the leading lights of metal this millennium returned this last week with their tenth studio album, In the Court of the Dragon. The band who released my album of the year last year have always been fantastic, but they have been on a major hot streak over the last five years especially, and this new album is a fantastic continuation of that!

I shan’t dive too much into it as I want to save a full review for its own article, but it is another damn impressive album. It builds well on what the band have been working on with The Sin and the Sentence and What the Dead Men Say, adding an even heavier edge to the album that didn’t feel as present in their last release. Saying that though, there is still plenty of catchy hooks and choruses in here, as well as some of the best instrumentation in the metal world today. This is an album worth checking out if you are into heavier music or the band at all, and stay tuned for a review in the very near future!

And there we have it. Not much more left to say, one album released because the world has a paper and plastic shortage. We hope you enjoyed reading this (brief) article, and make sure to follow us on Facebook here for more updates!