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New Music Mondays: Spiritbox, Candlebox, Carcass, Florence Black and more

So, we thought we’d kick off the new format of New Music Mondays with a bang, and what a week we picked! Six brand new rock albums were released last Friday from all levels, from underground to rising stars to bands that have been around for decades. Here’s our weekly round-up of all of these releases!

Spiritbox: Eternal Blue

The most anticipated release of the week came from the heavy metal bands debut album, ‘Eternal Blue’. After over a year of dropping some of the most interesting singles it was many people’s most anticipated album of the year. We have already managed to review the album in its entirety, which you can read here. Highlights include Holy Roller, Circle with Me and Yellowjacket, which featured as our Track of the Week!

Candlebox: Wolves

Seattle’s own Candlebox have had a very up and down past. After exploding into mainstream popularity off of their debut album with singles like ‘Far Behind’ and ‘You’, the band petered off over the back half of the 90’s and even a reunion couldn’t quite bring them back to their initial success. That in no way disputes the quality of their output, though, as their last couple of albums have been great and ‘Wolves’ is no exception. The album is a fantastic collection of 90s inspired radio-rock, showing the band have far more to offer than their debut. I cannot even recommend a couple of highlight songs as the entire album sounded fantastic to me. As we won’t have the chance to review it on its own, I shall give it a quick 8/10.

Carcass: Torn Arteries

Liverpudlian extreme metal band Carcass have one of the biggest cult followings in the UK scene. Now seven albums deep into their discography the band show no signs of slowing down at all, and nor should they. ‘Torn Arteries’ is a damn enjoyable enjoyable for anyone who is into their heavier side of metal, and can at least be appreciated by any music lover for their talent and song-writing ability. Album highlights include the title track and its lead single, ‘Under the Scalpel Blade’, 7/10.

Alien Weaponry: Tangaroa

Maori-infused thrash metal band Alien Weaponry burst quickly onto the scene back a couple of years a couple of years ago with their debut album, ‘Tū’, and haven’t looked back since. Now the release of their sophomore album, the band build on their sound even more, delivering one hell of a solid metal album from a band so young. I predict huge things for this band in the future and, while this comparison is used a lot, they could become the next Metallica at the rate they are going. A solid album from a great band, with a tonne of highlights throughout. 7.5/10.

Rage: Resurrection Day

The 80s German metal band Rage are still going strong nearly four decades into their careers, and their new album proves just that. It’s 50 minutes of heavy thrash goodness, and a reminder that they are nowhere near as big as they should be on these shores. Among the many highlights are the title track, ‘Monitary Gods’ and ‘Extinction Overkill’. 7.5/10.


Welsh formed hard rock band Florence Black have been gaining a steady following and support in the NWOCR movement over the last couple of years or so leading up to the release of their debut album last week. The singles ‘CAN YOU FEEL IT?’ and ‘SUN & MOON’ did a fantastic job of building hype for the album but they are far from the only highlights of the album. We shall be doing a full review of the album (here) in the coming days though, so you will have to check that out if you want to know any more about it!

And there we have it, a stacked week full of awesome rock and metal tracks! Which is your favourite? Be sure to let us know on our socials and keep following us here for more updates on the world of rock!

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