Daxx and Roxane: Rockin’ The Bowl, their origins and what’s next!

Blues/hard rock quartet Daxx and Roxane have been making waves in the UK music scene the last couple of years or so due to their classic sound, awesome hooks and fantastic musicianship. We got the chance to catch them at Rockin’ The Bowl and they were utterly fantastic (full review of the event here). We also had the privilege of chatting to the guys after their set and get a little bit of insight into who they are and what they aim to achieve in the years to come!

How was the set?

The set was amazing. We only played half an hour but it was really really good. It felt longer because it was intense from the start. The crowd was awesome today. We played quite early and when you play early you think are they going to be up for it, but the people were super cool and really into it so it was really nice. I think everyone is just so happy to be at a festival.

So you guys are originally from Switzerland, did you move over here for gigs?

We moved over about eight years ago. In Switzerland we were a band for around five years as a thrash/metal band and we moved over here because the gigging scene was really appealing to us and we always wanted to move to London. And when we got here, we got more into the rock vibe and we’ve been here ever since. We would love to go back to Switzerland to play and we’re talking to some venues to try and do something because it has been way too long. We’ll go back for sure.

What have you been up to post lockdown this year?

In December we are doing a two week tour all around the UK with another Swiss band who are also doing quite a lot of shows in the UK, called the Dirty Sound Magnet. We met them two years ago and just thought lets do a tour together so we really cannot wait to be on the road just for a proper tour. That’ll be the first tour after a year and a half.

Did the pandemic disrupt any of your plans? What have you been up to during lockdowns?

Our tour was cut short. We had a tour planned for our album launch back in 2020 and the tour was right when lockdowns happened so we did our last gig 3 days before the lockdown and then that was it. So we’ve not been gigging very much since the pandemic. We had one gig last year but now since August we’ve been back and it’s been awesome. We’ve been working a lot on our EP that we want to release next year. In the meantime, we’ve been working on some new material because obviously we don’t want to have only two albums.

What can we expect from your new music?

It’s a bit heavier. It’s the same style of music but just a bit heavier with the sound. We’ve been working a lot more on the actual sound of our instruments because we always wanted to find that really heavy sound that we like. We love our first album but we always thought that we sounded a bit heavier live and that’s what we’ve been trying to reproduce over the last year with the second album. And now we want to do it a bit louder!

So the next time you’re playing semi-locally is Nottingham in December!

Yes at Billy Bootleggers! It’s a bit more on the side, a bit more underground. It should be cool.

If you could play any festival next year, where would you play?

Ramblin’ Man would be one we would love to play at. There’s such a cool atmosphere over there. Everyone is super chill. We’ve been looking forward to play Heretic Fest. We were so excited when we first got booked on and then it got pushed back and pushed back. It’s finally happening, next year, but it’s finally happening and it’ll be just awesome. It’s a very good line-up. Three days of awesome bands. We’re very proud to be part of it. Sheffield is a great city for rock. Every time we’ve played in Sheffield, it’s always super cool and we always tend to get more drunk in Sheffield than any other cities.

The awesome Daxx and Roxane are gunning for Ramblin’ Man in 2022! But before then, you can see them in plenty of places up and down the country, be it back in Sheffield for Heretic Fest or on their tour at the end of the year.

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