Trivium Announce New Album ‘In the Court of the Dragon’

Floridian metal band Trivium have been a staple of the metal world since their album Ascendency exploded (especially here in the UK) back in 2005. Since then they have released a further seven albums, all of them being absolutely fantastic in their own way. So, imagine our excitement today when the band announce a brand new album less than two years removed from 2020’s incredible ‘What the Dead Men Say’.

‘In the Court of the Dragon’ is set to be released October 8th, with the title track having already been dropped last month. To accompany the announcement, the band dropped another single from it, ‘Feast of Fire’.

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto had this to say about their latest track:

There’s always that one song you aren’t expecting when you begin writing a new album. It could be a riff written on the spot in the rehearsal space, a lyric that pairs just right with a melody, or in the case of ‘Feast of Fire,’ sitting right there in front of us in the middle of a demo that Corey brought in. We were well into pre-production at Full Sail when we all decided that something about the demo we had tracked was good but could be even better. Our producer Josh Wilbur even had in his notes: ‘Bridge is special, maybe so special it needs its own song.’ We tore the song apart and began again on the spot.

The track, featured below, is up to the same insanely high quality that the band have maintained throughout their last two albums now. It’s significantly lighter than the album’s title track, featuring a lot more clean vocals as opposed to screaming, but it still has some heavy riffs and stomping rhythm. On top of that, the solo is again fantastic, and the chorus may be up there with some of the bands’ best.

On top of all of that, the band have announced a European tour in November, including four dates in the UK.

We personally cannot wait for to hear the rest of the album, and will keep up to date with the band as much as we can in the leadup!

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