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Sershen and Zaritskaya: how the band create their killer covers and new music on the way

Sershen and Zaritskaya have blown up on YouTube for their quality productions, taking on some classic rock tracks we all know and love as well as taking the occasional modern song and making it their own.

We spoke to the group’s front woman Daria Zaritskaya to get some insight to the band’s music and future plans.

How did the band come together?

We started as a duo with Sergey. Alex and Dmitriy (bassist and drummer) joined us later. They used to play with Sergey in another band.

How do you decide what songs to cover?

First and foremost we have to like the song. Our choice is never based on what’s on hype right now because we believe that art has to be sincere. If you only choose songs that are hot right now and only worried about how many views you’ll get, it’s a failure. The only thing you have to be worried about is a good result. It’s a win win situation when a song is both popular and we like it. But we’re a bit bored of making covers at this point so we’re shifting to the original material soon. It’s in the works.

Will you be going on tour? Did the pandemic affect your plans?

The pandemic didn’t hit use that much but it pretty much froze the whole touring thing. So we’re kinda on pause until we’re ready with our own material.

Any hints as to what your next few covers will be?

Next two covers are both collabs with other YouTubers. One is an upbeat hard rock song and the other one is a very sensual ballad. I’m so excited for both of these.

How was it working on collabs with Halocene?

Working with Halocene was an amazing experience. They’re all very talented musicians and nice people.

Which cover has been your favourite so far?

My personal favourites are ‘Come Together’ and ‘Stayin’ Alive.’ Pretty much because they sound very unlike the originals and the whole vibe is just different. And probably Ghostbusters – one we did specifically for Halloween. The video is cringy (on purpose) but it was hella fun to make and it sounds very different from the original which once again is a good thing for me. I appreciate a creative twist.

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