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Tekkno: Electric Callboy’s Magnum Opus?

It’s here. It’s finally out. Electric Callboy (formerly Eskimo Callboy) have finally released their first album since new vocalist Nico Sallach. After MONTHS of teasing with the odd fantastic single, they have released a ten-track album. I’ve been excited for this for months so let’s get right into it!

One of the best tracks written over the last year period, ‘Pump It’ opens the album. Now, I’ve been obsessed with this track since it was released at the back end of last year so have heard it a BUNCH. Heck, it’s on our Track of the Week playlist. The band’s gym song is the perfect blend of 80s pop music and metalcore, as crazy as that feels to type.

Opening on Nico’s infectiously catchy, clean vocals for the first run of the chorus, it’s hard not to be hooked in from the opening seconds. The video perfectly encapsulates the feel, too. It’s not long before the metalcore comes in though, the ch0nky riffs and Kevin’s fantastic screams changing the pace and tone completely. It’s amazing though, and somehow fits perfectly while being completely different. The pre is incredible, with the spacing between the huge riffs and low screams and slow drums sounding amazing. Also, the big riffs continue through the chorus, making it all sound massive. After the second chorus we get a HUGE breakdown, heavy and dirty and full of screams. Then it ends. Less than three minutes of perfection. This has been on the playlist for months already and for very good reason.

Next up is the bands biggest hit and party anthem, ‘We’ve got the Moves’. Opening on some club tekkno so infectious it’s hard not to bob your head or tap your foot, the spoken word vocals coming in over the top enhance that even more. The second half of the verse gets dirty, with Kevin’s screams coming over the top of another heavy riff. It builds to some more amazingly catchy vocals for a chorus, high in Nico’s register but so damn enjoyable. The track channels even more club energy as it builds through a couple of bridges into a HUGELY catchy gang vocal part that would (and does) go down amazingly live. Then we of course get some breakdown and another huge chorus to close out the track. It really is the perfect metal track in 2021/22, at least in this writers opinion. Playlisted.

The band don’t exactly take themselves seriously and that definitely shows in the video. But it’s because of that that it’s all so much more enjoyable. Rock/metal is too serious these days, Electric Callboy are definitely a breath of fresh air in that regard.

‘Fuckboi’… no. Moving on.

No, in all seriousness, I’m a fan of Conquer Divide. They have some great covers and original tracks too. However, this felt more like a To the Rats and Wolves track over an Elenctric Callboy one. It’s practically a pop punk track. While all of this is okay on its own, it was a letdown from a band that usually go much harder and are, honestly, much more funny. Especially for a single, this seemed like a bad choice.

FiNCH, the guest vocalist on next track ‘Spaceman’ is singlehandedly responsible for starting to get me into German techno. I both love and hate him for that. He’s a massive highlight of this track though, and of the album as a whole if I’m honest. His comedic timing is great and he’s not afraid to make a fool of himself, much like the band aren’t. It makes for a fun dynamic, both contrasting while also being similar.

The track itself is another great one. Similarly structured to ‘Pump It’ though we get a final chorus after the breakdown, it’s more silly, catchy metal music. Also, the German rapping in the bridge is fantastic and provides the perfect build-up to the best breakdown on the album.

We’re nearly halfway through the album before we reach the first non-single. Unfortunately, it’s the other track that doesn’t quite do it for me. It’s the most metalcore track on the album and a rather serious one for a change. It’s mainly heavy and screams, but I do enjoy Nico’s clean vocal hook for the choruses too. I don’t know, it just felt like there was something missing. I’m hoping this one grows on me with a few more listens, but for now, eh.

Completely changing the pace again, ‘Arrow of Love’ is three-and-a-half-minutes of 80s pop-inspired awesomeness. The chorus is infectiously catchy from the vocals to the synth. The verses are heavy and full of some fantastic riffs and screams. And the bridge builds perfect through the clean vocals and heavy synth into an almost Link Park style breakdown. My only slight gripe is that it’s the exact same formula again as another three tracks on the album. It’s good, but may start to get a little old if it’s done a whole lot more without some variety.

‘Parasite’ is a bit of that change of pace, at least. While it is still a bit of a similar structure, it at least feels different. It has more of a Sempiternal feeling to it which is nice. Even the clean-vocalled parts were heavy, making this another straight-up metalcore track. Everything between the second and third choruses is amazing and super heavy, another highlight of the album. A good track!

‘Tekkno Train’ is brilliant. Any track that has the lyrics “You make my spaghetti ready” is bound to be. It’s another party song, complete with plenty of electronics and club-style synths. It’s clearly not a serious track at all, which is another big plus, and is massively catchy. I find it hard to say much though, given that again it’s a similar track to half the album, just with different lyrics and hooks. However, Kevin growling “choo choo choo” will never not make me laugh.

Finally, we reach possibly the best track on the album. The band knew what their audience would be expecting, and hit them with something completely different. It’s German Schlager for a minute and a half, I promise. Check it out if you don’t believe me…

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I have no more words except… AWESOME.

Closing track ‘Neon’ feels like a bit of a comedown after the previous nine tracks. It’s similar to ‘Parasite’ in its feel and sound, but the chorus is huge and arguably better. This somehow feels like it blends together a bit of everything else on the album, but never quite kicks into that top gear I hoped it would. However, that chorus is incredible, and may be Nico’s best vocal performance I’ve heard. A big, if not monumental, way to close a great album!

Overal: Of course this was amazing. The hype behind it has been insane thanks to their great live shows and fantastic music videos, and I do think the album delivers big. It’s packed full of amazing songs and even the ones that aren’t as good as the rest are great tracks. However, it isn’t quite perfect for me. I cannot help but compare them to the other crazy, newly-huge metal band that got big off their videos, Ice Nine Kills. I would say INK’s latest album as a whole was stronger, while Callboy put out the stronger singles. But still, this is a damn impressive release that will be high up there for album of the year for me.