War Within: One of the Best Debut Albums of All Time?

Any Given Sin are set to release their debut album tomorrow! We got sent it early and after checking out (and loving) the singles off it, we couldn’t not do a full review of it! Check it out down below!

The album’s title track opens things up on a heavy note with a fantastic riff. The vocals bring a radio edge to it in the best way. It reminds me a lot of Shinedown or Those Damn Crows. The chorus is massive and arena-filling, as expected from the genre. The slight harshness in the pres adds a level of edge and emotion/anger that was refreshing to hear in the style, too. Heck, we effectively have a build-up bridge into a breakdown after the second chorus. This is definitely on the heavier side of radio-hard-rock, and I am here for it. An amazing way to start the album and introduce the masses to the band. I’m hooked immediately.

One of the more recent singles, ‘Calm Before the Storm’, opens on an equally heavy, groovy, awesome riff to the previous track. I liked the jabs of guitars between the vocal lines in the verses. And, everything builds up into a huge chorus. Damn, I cannot get over how catchy it is, honestly. If there is any justice in the world, this album would end up on every rock radio station in the world. The drop down after the second chorus was nice, building up into a pretty heavy breakdown bit, complete with some great harsher vocals. It also reminds me a bit of Disturbed in parts, vocally and structurally. This track is amazing and easily makes our playlist. Great stuff!

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‘Another Life’ has a fun structure and sound to it that took me off guard. The baseline of Any Given Sin is still there, but it’s a little more both electronic and nu metal at the same time than the previous tracks. It’s got a Linkin Park/BMTH edge to the riffs and verses that was a lot of fun. Also, the low, almost acoustic pres was a really interesting way of building up into another typically massive chorus. Still, the verses are pretty heavy and industrial. None of them are massive changes, but they are enough to keep me guessing and interested, for sure.

The most recent single, ‘Cold Bones’, is the first ballad of the album. This is the one that really reminds me of Those Damn Crows, in the best way. The piano and light guitar led first verse and chorus was beautiful underneath the low, powerful, emotional vocals. It means that whenever the huge distorted guitars come in it’s even more impactful. The lyrics are fantastic, so full of emotion and some of my favourite on the album. It’s one of my favourite ballads of the year, and if you’re into the slower rock stuff, check this out immediately! More amazing stuff!

‘Follow You’ returns to the heaviness with a big riff, dropping down in the verses before building to the huge chorus. It, alongside ‘Incidious’ and ‘House on Fire’ all follow a typical, radio-friendly formula. However, all remind me of a heavier Shinedown, blended with a modern metal sound, and I can’t get enough of it. The latter was a fun heavier, faster track overall too, and easily makes the playlist!

‘Ball and Chain’, ‘The Way I Say Goodbye’ ‘Dynamite’ were another three slower tracks. While both are great in their own, right, the former was another massive highlight for me personally. It’s a darker feeling track, and gives off vibes of Breed 77, which is never a bad thing! I love the chorus and it’s another playlisted track! Meanwhile the latter is the slowest track on the album; a beautiful piano led intro leads to an absolutely MASSIVE heavier chorus. It reminds me a lot of Shinedown’s Threat to Survival album, a criminally underrated gem of songs.

The closing track, ‘Still Sinking’, is still on the slower side of the album but is a fantastic way to finish off the album. It really ends things with a bang. It’s a truly epic track that has a real sense of finality to it. And yet it still fits the mould that Any Given Sin have made perfectly.

Overall: This is phenomenal. I may be a little bias as I love the style of music and Shinedown and the Crows are two of my top bands. But, even if I wasn’t this would still be a great album. It was amazingly well written, the production value was top notch, and it was well arranged. It’s rare I can listen to a whole album without getting a tad bored, but Any Given Sin paced it perfectly. These guys are going to be a HUGE name sooner rather than later, and this is one hell of a debut to cement that fact. It’ll be up there in the discussion for our album of the year come December, I’m sure!

The Score: 9.5/10