The Call of the Void: Nita Strauss ‘ Crowning Achievement?

So, we thought we’d try something a little different today. Both Charlotte and Joe checked out the new Nita Strauss album, and both had plenty they wanted to say about it. So, we thought we’d do a combined long review for it! Check it out down below!


This album has been a long time coming. Ever since releasing the amazing, commercial powerhouse that is ‘Dead Inside’ with Disturbed’s David Draiman, I’ve been wondering if a full release was somewhere on the horizon. Now, nearly two years later, the Alice Cooper guitarist has released her sophomore solo album, and first with vocals.

Anyone who’s been following Nita’s stuff the last couple of years knows how awesome a journey it has been so far. For those who don’t, let me quickly recap. She followed up the stadium metal ‘Dead Inside’ with a melodeath anthem featuring Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz, ‘The Wolf you Feed’. It’s fucking sick and a personal favourite of mine. Next we got a track featuring her usual boss, Alice Cooper, being unusually but refreshingly heavy. We’ve also had a very In Flames track with Anders Friden, a fun radio-rock track with Dorothy and another radio rock track with Lilith Czar. Oh, and of course the banger instrumental with the guitar god himself, Marty Friedman.

We got two new vocalled tracks on release day. We got the troll-attacking ‘Digital Bullets’ featuring Chris Motionless and the stomping hard rock track ‘Through the Noise’ with Lzzy Hale. Both sound like Motionless in White and Halestorm respectively while still maintaining a fun modern metal edge that is present throughout the album. Both are great tracks and add to the album well.

Then you have the amazing instrumental tracks where Nita Strauss really gets to show off her stuff. While it’s clear she is a phenomenal overall songwriter, sometimes on the traditional tracks you forget just how amazing of a guitarist she is. She’s honestly one of the most underrated players of our time. My favourite instrumental on the album has gotta be ‘Scorched’!


Nita Strauss’ The Call of the Void enlists some of the biggest names in rock to create a magnificent, power-fuelled album that takes you through the motions that every good album should. ‘Through The Noise’ featuring Lzzy Hale and ‘Winner Takes All’ featuring Alice Cooper are just two of the incredible collaborations that Nita Strauss has brought to life. You can easily get lost in Strauss’ guitar playing with unmatched riffs and gritty yet dreamy tone. The album also features Alissa White-Gulz, Chris Motionless, Dorothy, Anders Fridén, Lilith Czar, Marty Friedman and a collection of instrumental alternative versions. Add The Call of the Void to your playlist and you won’t be disappointed!

Overall: It is clear we both enjoyed the album! Honestly my (Joe) only slight issue with it is that we maybe got one or two too many singles before the release of the album. As much as I love the instrumental stuff, it’s a shame we only got two new sung tracks upon release. However, there isn’t a bad track on the album, and a lot of it is some of the best singles I’ve heard released over the last couple of years. I would strongly recommend this album to anyone, as it has enough variety thanks to the guests that there is something for everyone!

The Score: 9/10