New Music Mondays: Liv Sin, Anchor Lane and More!

Though there are no ‘big’ bands releasing music this week, there is plenty of awesome stuff to sink your teeth into! Check it out below!

Liv Sin: KaliYuga

This has always been really hard for me to categorise. I’ve been a fan of the band for a few years now and have never quite worked it out, which is quite a good thing actually. Is it metalcore? Hard Rock? Industrial? The answer to all three questions is annoyingly Schrodinger-y; simultaneously ‘yes’ and ‘no idea’. All I know for certain is that it’s awesome.

Liv’s voice is a massive highlight as always, sounding like a blend of Wednesday 13, Doro and Johannes Eckerström. She really sounds one of a kind though, especially in the current climate where a number of female vocalists are beginning to sound similar. That’s not to take away from the rest of the band, though, who work their asses off throughout the album. Whether it’s huge riffs, insane drums or soring choruses, this album has a bit of everything, and does it all amazingly.
Highlights include the opener, ‘King of Fools’ and ‘I Am the Storm’. 8.5/10, this was awesome and I’ll definitely have it on repeat for months.

King Kraken: MCLXXX

We’ve already checked out this awesome album! You can find the full review and score here.

Fucked Up: One Day

This was lighter than I was expecting. When I saw the words hardcore punk I expected the usual wall of noise, which this still was, but it was a surprisingly upbeat, melodic wall of noise. Parts of it felt like New Found GLory or even Flogging Molly with harsher vocals, and gave me a strange sense of 90s nostalgia. Tracks like ‘Found’ and ‘Falling Right Under’ were clear highlights for me. My only slight issue is that it does get a little repetitive by the end of its 40-minute runtime. Even still, it’s a solid 7.5/10 from us!

Also apologies, their videos are age restricted because of the band name and because YouTube suck.

Elle King: Come Get Your Wife

Time for some country now, as Elle King released her third album last week, and first since 2018. It’s a good country album that occasionally ventures into rock territory. As much as I’m not hugely into the message, ‘Try Jesus’ is an undeniable, Shania Twain level bop. Tracks like ‘Worth a Shot’ (with the legendary Dierks Bentley), ‘Out Yonder’ and ‘Bonafide’ are all awesome excellent tracks. The album keeps it interesting too, switching between the slower and rockier tracks throughout. I do [refer the rockier side of it, but it’s all good! 7.5/10

Anchor Lane: Call This a Reality?

Two full reviews for this week, aren’t we treating you?! Again, find our review of this stellar album here.

…And Oceans: As in Gardens, So in Tombs

Oh yeah, black metal time again. I’ve actually seen a fair bit of love for this album already online, and have to agree, to be honest. In terms of black metal it’s a very good album. There was enough going on dynamically here to keep my attention, with the odd dropped-down parts in between the balls-to-the-wall heaviness.

Now, don’t me wrong, I still don’t think I particular ‘get’ black metal aside for the odd track or band, but I can definitely appreciate good black metal and have grown to know it when I hear it. And this is it. 7/10

White Reaper: Asking for a Ride

The garage punk band are back with their fourth studio album. To be completely honest, I’ve been a fan of the band for a while now and this may be my favourite album by them. It’s fast, catchy and drips with attitude. At times it’s Rancid, at times Anti-Flag, and at times even channels Kill ‘Em All era Metallica vibes. I cannot get enough of the opener/title track, while ‘Fog Machine’ and ‘Pages’ scratch that nostalgic Tony Hawks Pro Skater itch in my brain. Meanwhile ‘Pink Slip’ and others take more of a modern day, US indie vibe, which I also love. There isn’t a bad track on the album, and for anyone reading who’s into the lighter/punker side of things, this album is a must. 8.5/10

Idle Ruin: The Fell Tyrant

Time for some evil-ass death metal. The opening riffs of ‘Shackled for Adornment’ set the tone of the album perfectly, the rest of it being equally as malevolent, quick, dark and heavy. So, you know, the standard death metal schtick. Still, if you’re a fan of the genre like I am, you’ll love it. It’s hard not to love ‘Delta Hexatoxin’ for the sheer balls-to-the-wall energy from the offset, complete with a blegh within three seconds. Between that and all the riffs, it’s a highlight track for sure. ‘Orbitoclast’ and the sometimes-slower ‘Diabolical Severance’ are also both very good! 7.5/10

Astral Moon: Into Solar Abyss

This was odd in the best way. It felt like if David Bowie made a doom metal band. Or, if you want, a heavier, good Type O Negative. I kinda very much love it! Doom guitar riffs have always been some of my favourites, the slower Sabbath feel combined with the incredible guitar tones making for a great combo, like here. Then you have the low, entrancing vocals that fit it all perfectly, and the drummer working his ass off providing the perfect beats for it all.

‘Intergalactic War’ is one hell of a first song, with one of the most satisfying solos I’ve heard in ages, alongside some fantastic bass work. Even proggier tracks like ‘Nuclear Sarcophogus’ and ‘Into Solar Abyss’ are awesome, and I’m usually kinda fussy with prog. The storytelling in both tracks is immense, and really sold me on the album as a whole. Then you have tracks like the epic closer (shoutout to Count Witchfinder, gonna have to find more of their stuff) which is also amazing. 8.5/10, this album slaps. That is all.

The World is Quiet Here: Zon

The perfect storm of chaos and heavy. Not even a minute into the intro track before the heaviness and crazy riffs kick in. Some clean vocals begin it and I honestly had to Google as it sounds a lot like Howard Jones. It wasn’t the Killswitch Engage alumni, but damn if Tyler from TWIQH doesn’t have as impressive a power and vocal range. And if the opening track seemed crazy, it’s got nothing on ‘White Sun’. From the insane riffs to great low growls and powerful AF cleans, it’s an amazingly talented, loved assault on the ears.

And, for anyone in the know, yes, it does. It’s proggy, djenty goodness and honestly Tyler is maybe one of my favourite new vocalists after just a couple of tracks. I refuse to believe the low spoken word stuff is him, that’s inhumanly low, especially when you know he can also sing beautifully high and scream like a demon. What the hell. It’s not fair! He goes almost Mike Patton at times.

Also, we have to talk about ‘Osscury’. Not only are the vocals insane, but everything about the track, from the slow build of the proggy nature to that riff that hits about five minutes in, is incredible. It feels like everything Devin Townsend has ever tried to achieve but done effortlessly better and rolled up into eight minutes. Every track on this album is phenomenal, but ‘Osscury’ stood out to me as the cream of the crop.

9.5/10. Wow.