What The Hell Have I got Myself Into?: Another Fantastic EP From Emily Lockett!

Country rock/pop artist Emily Lockett recently did a crowdfund for her latest EP as part of her university course. Being a massive fan, I had to donate to help out and get a copy sent over. While it isn’t yet available on streaming platforms, we got the physical copy today and I’ve already been spinning it none stop. It’s also available at her gigs, I do believe! Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Fading into an immediately anthemic, stadium filling intro riff with ‘Girl Out of Nowhere’, Emily’s vocals soon come in over the top and straight away make me smile. I am an unashamed early Taylor Swift fan, and Emily Lockett has always worn that inspiration firmly on her sleeve. It’s great, as we definitely need more of this kind of music in the world, especially the UK! A steady verse leads to a huge, stadium-filling chorus that is catchy as anything. The bridge and solo after the second chorus were nice too, showing off Emily’s great skill as a musician and songwriter. I was expecting a reprisal of the chorus again afterwards but instead we get another quick verse to fade us out with. A fantastic song and one hell of a way to open an EP!

‘Never Be You’ opens on just Emily singing over her acoustic guitar, some subtle vocal harmonies and a second guitar building in perfectly after a few bars. It heads into a chorus that actually reminded me a fair bit of Alanis Morrissette with the vocal melody, which again isn’t an issue at all. It’s another infectiously catchy chorus in a style that is both nostalgic and very Emily Lockett in equal measure. It’s slow and emotional but still fun and bouncy, much like the whole track.

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We somehow get a solo and bridge combined between the choruses, Emily’s voice fitting perfectly over the top of the lead guitar, bolstering both parts. The stripped-back return to the chorus was of course awesome, and it built back into the full band perfectly. What a track. This will easily make the playlist once it’s up on streaming sites, one of my favourites Emily’s done.

Next up is a beautiful, emotional piano ballad. ‘If Only I’ is fantastic, just Emily spilling her heart over the top of some simple, perfect piano chords. There’s some subtle strings in here and some sporadic vocal harmonies too, but not much at all. Sometimes a track doesn’t need to have crazy amounts of dynamics and change-ups to be good. This is a simple, straight forward track that tells one hell of story that I’m sure most listeners can relate to, while also providing a great backdrop for it instrumentally. Amazing stuff.

‘I Said Hi’ opens on a fun, almost Newton Faulkner-style riff. In fact, the guitar throughout reminds me a lot of Newton’s work. The vocals of course are catchy over the top, once again filled with emotion and heartache. The rest of the band do a fun job with this, with the drums and extra guitar adding a lot to the track. I can’t say anything negative about any of Emily Lockett ‘s music, it’s all fantastic.

The EP closes on a slightly higher tempo track, and the most stadium-country track I have heard Emily do. The opening riff is fun and bouncy and that feeling continues through the verse even though the lyrics are the complete opposite. The chorus is anthemic and huge, another stadium-filler. The drop out to just the beat and vocals for the final chorus was nice, as was the fantastic key change. I cannot get over just how good the chorus is, too. This is another track that will make it straight onto the playlist once it’s released on streaming!

Overall: This was great. I had no doubt it would be, but Emily still always pulls it out of the bag. Another collection of five awesome tracks that I will be listening to for the rest of the year. Emily deserves to be massive, and this EP is a huge step in that direction, I believe!

The Score: 8.5/10