Everybody Wants the Blues: Committee of Vultures Sure Got That Right!

Everybody Wants the Blues – Committee of Vultures. Written by Javier Zepeda.

Everybody has the blues these days, but we didn’t know that “Everybody Wants The Blues”. At least, that is according to the Committee of Vultures, as they release their newest album. We must say, this band is truly a force to be reckoned with as it has already hit the airwaves and has everyone talking! 

You really should know a little bit about the Committee of Vultures to really appreciate the genius of their music. This is a collection of musicians that all assembled to really put their masteries together and make truly revolutionary material. They are able to capture the true soul of Rock music while utilizing a plethora of genres to their disposal. Let’s just say they are able to jump from Rock and Roll, to swamp boogie, to alternative country, all in one album. 

What’s great is they are not shy when it comes to collaborating with other musicians to create even more everchanging sounds that we haven’t heard of. 

“Everybody Wants The Blues” is really able to capture the range of eclectic sounds that is heavy with lyrics that hit you straight in the face. At the same time, you can get down with the get down and have a good time. What a talent to be able to give listeners this much to absorb and enjoy. 

We’re excited to hear this album and all their true-telling tales that really gives us the Blues, in a good way!

As we get into all the deep cuts of the album, we see that there is no shortage of musicianship that is able to bring gentleness and raw truth to our ears. It’s an inviting record that incorporates everything we know about the blues, and then some. 

We highly encourage you to check out the Committee of Vultures and their new album, “Everybody Wants The Blues”. Check it out from their Spotify here. And if you liked the review, why not head over to Instagram and give us a follow to keep up to date on all of our content!