Letters, Numbers, Reactions & Errors: The Start of Something Massive for Bad Llama?

Bad Llama is a Midlands-based alt-metal band. Releasing two EPs prior to this one over the last five or so years, the band has gotten a rather impressive underground following. I have to admit I have been a bit slack and only heard the odd song or two and seen their name around a lot. That changed today as we check out their latest EP, so let’s get into it!

Opening track ‘God My Witness’ builds slowly with some electro stuff and keys before exploding into a HUGE riff. The synth stuff carries on through it too, adding a fun dynamic over the top. It drops down again for the verse, the clean vocals sounding great over the top of the stripped back, limited instrumentation. Just as before it explodes into a massive chorus, uplifting, open, and massively catchy. I wasn’t expecting so many clean vocals, and it’s great so far! Don’t get me wrong though, there are still screams. It drops down after the second chorus to next to nothing, building up perfectly into a massive, heavy breakdown filled with epic screams and growls. Said breakdown acts as the outro to one hell of an opening track, too. Playlisted!

‘Frailty’ opens heavier, straight into a huge, dirty riff and some almost hardcore-style screams. It cleans up into another awesome, catchy chorus, the harmonies being a surprising highlight. The riff coming out of the second chorus is awesome and the breakdown it turns into is great. Also, shoutout to that one low scream, if you listen to it you’ll know the one I mean, damn is it great! The cleaner outro was a nice touch, too! Another great song from Bad Llama!

‘Saline’ opens quiet, with a rather beautiful clean guitar chord progression. The softer vocals sound great over the top, especially when the harmonies layer over the top. The track picks up some depth and distortion with the massive, catchy chorus, but it is still steady and clean. It feels like the ballad of the EP. We even get an awesome guitar solo in this track. It fits perfectly over the top of the slower backing, matching the pace but still showing off some awesome skill and technicality. The solo leads to a great bridge, building more and more before dropping down even more. It makes the final huge chorus impact even more, hitting hard for a slower song. This was excellent, and another easily playlisted song!

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The final two tracks, ‘Dear Eirene’ and single ‘Viper’, are also both awesome for very different reasons. The former feels a little ballad-y again, but a little faster than the previous track. The verse almost feels like something from Nine Inch Nails and the chorus is another uplifting highlight. Meanwhile, the latter is more what I expected, a heavy, aggressive, amazing metal track. The main riff is full of bounce and groove and the chorus is perfectly heavy. It’s another track that makes the playlist, you have to check it out!

Overall: this was great! A lot different from what I was expecting coming into it, but in a good way. Plenty of catchy songs and clean parts but evened out perfectly with the heavy breakdowns, riffs, and screams. It makes me want a full album from them soon, and Bad Llama are definitely ones to keep an eye on for the future!

The Score: 8/10

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