No More Love: Are Dohny Jep Bringing an Even Heavier Sound to Pop-Rock?

Pop-rock band Dohny Jep have only been around for a couple of years, but are quickly establishing themselves in the underground scene through their awesome sound and impressive work ethic. Just this year they have put out FOUR Eps (including this one), a massive feat for even the biggest of bands doing this full time. I personally hadn’t heard any of their stuff until getting sent the EP, but I am damn excited to check it out and let you know what I think!

‘Floor Like Lava’ opens pretty epically, with some chanting and samples that combine together perfectly together. A HUGE riff comes in over the top, heavy but with plenty of room to breathe, kicking things off and setting the scene perfectly. The riff drops out for the verse, it being mainly drum and bass-led behind the vocals. The lyrics are a standout, being very well written and pretty emotion-filled. It builds into the heavy guitar riff again for the chorus, the vocals carrying on over the top. They’re pretty catchy, but not quite the catchiest I’ve heard from the band. The instruments drop out after the second chorus, aside for the drums, before they slowly build up into a MASSIVE breakdown. I honestly didn’t think the band would get that heavy, but damn if it isn’t one of the best breakdowns I’ve heard all year, it had my head banging something major. The callouts even had me laughing, despite the slight cringiness (I assume that was the point?). The track then heads into a final chorus before a brief outro takes us home. A cracking start to an EP and a great track on its own!

‘Choose Life’ also opens on a massive riff after teasing it with a distant one hidden by drums for a few seconds. Much like the previous track it drops back down again for the verse, stripping it all back a bit. However, the vocal melody was so catchy and awesome that I got lost in it all, the instrumentation sweeping me up as it built into another awesome, open chorus. The duel vocals worked really well for it and added even more catchiness to it all. Also, the heavy AF riff out of the chorus was nice, even if it didn’t get the chance to sound as heavy as it was. It dropping out to just bass was an awesome, unexpected change of pace for the track, and it worked even better when the drums came in over the top. I’d have loved a little more of this, for it to go a little longer, but I will happily take another chorus to close things out too! A fantastic song and one that easily makes the playlist!

‘Dial Up’ is the single I have heard from the EP and was my first proper introduction to the band. We have already heaped praise on it on our Instagram, and it really is that good! Opening on a beautiful, simple piano melody and vocals, filled out perfectly by the other instruments, it soon explodes into a typically fantastic riff, heavy and huge. It stays pretty heavy and filled out for the verses this time too, showing off how damn impressive the mixing is on the EP, even more impressive considering the size of the band! The pre drops down just to perfectly contrast with the MASSIVE, heavy chorus. The vocals are the catchiest on the EP and it fits so well over the top of the big guitar chords. The breakdown(?) riff that comes out of the second chorus is awesome, and the vocals add a lot of depth to it all when they come in over the top. We then get a final chorus and heavy outro to finish off a track that easily makes the playlist too!

Finally, we reach ‘Pressure’. It follows the same structure as the others, a huge riff to open things up before a stripped-back verse leads us to a massive, open, and catchy chorus. It’s not a complaint at all, though, its an awesome track! Another awesome, heavy breakdown follows the second chorus, again having me headbanging along happily and alone in my office. The synths over the top of it were a nice touch, too! It all leads to an epic extended outro, with the synths and other instruments slowly dropping out one by one. It was a fantastic end to an EP!

Overall: This was awesome! Considering this was the bands fourth EP of the year, they clearly lack no creativity as this was an awesome collection of tracks. I enjoyed all four and would happily have listened to a whole album from them as I imagine they’d have pulled out the stops and kept it interesting at times too. I should be getting tired of saying this but I’m not; if they keep going like this I can see huge things for them in the future!

The Score: 7.5/10

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