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Hard Rock Hell: The Big Bad Review – Day 3!

Our last day of music started out pretty damn well, with our good friends Sons of Liberty opening up the main stage. They were just as on form as ever, delivering a set that won over even the most hungover of fans who didn’t know who they were, blasting the cobwebs away pretty quick with their shorter set.

Then it was off to the second stage for two almost unknown bands for me, Lords of Ruin and Conjuring Fate. Both absolutely blew me away. Being on the heavier side of the music that weekend, both exhibiting characteristics of thrash, doom and modern metal in their sounds, it was a nice change of pace from the typical old-school stuff or NWOCR. And it introduced me to two new bands that I will be keeping a close eye on in the future. An hour and a half or so that was another major highlight of my weekend, and two bands I suggest you definitely check out!

After a surprisingly average showing from Piston at least the back half that we caught, we entered our final run of bands. Unfortunately due to a similar technical difficulty that plagued a number of the bands over the weekend, Tigertailz took to the stage over half an hour late. You could tell it took a bit of a toll on the band, too, as they didn’t seem on their top form by the time they finally played. I’ve seen them a few times before now and this was maybe the sloppiest and least enthusiastic set I have seen from them, unfortunately.

It didn’t matter too much though, as straight after Terrorvision came on and blew the roof off the whole campsite. Always a good live band anyway, they were on another level the other night. Tony Wright was the best frontman of the festival bar none, bouncing around the stage like the energizer bunny and hitting every note perfectly. The rest of the band were equally on form, including the recent addition on guitar! Another massive highlight of a weekend full of them.

Last up was the late addition of headliner after Ugly Kid Joe had to unfortunately postpone to next year, Orange Goblin. The doom metal band were an interesting pick for the festival, as I can’t remember the last time they had a band this heavy headline the thing. The crowd responded similarly to them as Black Spiders, in that they were pretty weary at first. However again they warmed to them in the end, even having a pit towards the last few songs (which unfortunately resorted in injury but demonstrated the very professional security staff, and the guy is apparently okay!). The band themselves were awesome, with Ben Ward being his charismatic, larger than life self and the rest of the band providing some incredible instrumentation. A great way to close out the festival!

And there we have it, three days of awesome music which was exactly what we needed after so much time away from the HRH brand. We should be having some coverage of ABC this weekend too, and we can’t wait to get around as many as we can in the new year, too!